GMR catfish report 12/2/08

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  1. Got off work and figured I better hit it while the temps were actually in the high 30's, fished near Dayton from shore, on an deep cut with a little current going on, about 10 ft of water with small pieces of frozen shad, 4/0 circles.

    When i got on the water about 2:15, it was just spitting, when I had my first of hits at about 2:35, it was a light steady rain and by the time I got my last hit, it was a medium steady rain ( cold too)
    I got 5 hits in about 35 minutes, 1st hit yo-yo'd it and I thought for sure I could get him on the outward yo, but I missed clean. 2nd hit was a quick pulldown but it popped right back up and he didnt come back. 3rd hit was another yo-yo but he finally took it and I landed this 2lber:


    then the 4th hit really hammered it and I took this approximately 3 lber:


    then i threw back out and right away had another little tug but then he never came back either, I fished the last 50 minutes without a bite. The highlight was that I was freezing cold, soaked to the bone and now had to scramble up a steep muddy bank, that afforded some humor I am sure to anyone witnessing that ...:p

    Plan on hitting some carp here in the next day or two from the GMR, will post any results if there are any.

  2. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Probably some carp in one of those wwd's we hit last winter,TC1

  3. Feeshes is feeshes, no matter what or how you find them, Mark! ;)
    Good catch, I'm dreaming of catfish nuggets as I drool over those channels!
  4. Thanks LMJ but these cats would probably glow in the dark if heated up so we always release them. Now later next year, the little whiskered fellers in my farm pond will be just right for eatin and that will be a whole different story when they are caught!!;)

    TC1, most of those are so low they are still not holding much but a few other wwd's in the area are starting to hold some fish. Didnt make it with the cold weather but stay tuned...