GMR by Tipp City

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by crappie hunter, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Don't fish the GMR much, was planning to try up arount the Tipp City area, any suggestions on where and what to use?
  2. Go to the ross rd bridg. Walk north an the small mouth will hit on craw color or try silver an black. We fish this spot alot . If you have a canoe go in at Tipp Elizabeth rd an float to the 3rd still spot an set in for some fun. Or at 571 walk to the mouth of Honey creek.Well good luck bud

  3. That would depend on what you are targeting ..?

    For smallies, Tipp is close enough to Troy that you'll see the same sort of river flows and structure. You have to wade. Find moving water, depth over your knees, and some structure (timber/boulders) and you should have fish around you. That said in-line spinners, 3.5" tubes, shallow running/suspending minnow cranks (rapala, yo-zuri, ect), and as a new friend showed me last weekend the good old rebel craw can still be deadly. All those lures have been producing so far for us in Troy/Piqua.

    As far as exactly where, I'll have to let someone else recommend a spot as this isn't my area. I've floated that area a few times and seen some nice looking water tho'.
  4. Hey NEWBREED. Can you fish the park by the dam at night.I hear if you are fishing they don't run you off.
  5. You are talking about the one in Piqua right? Fished many a late night there over the years. Never had anyone run me out. You can hook around the other side of the river (a little road there by Piqua Granite) and walk some woods to a more desirable and less frequented bank fishing spot. Everyone in Piqua knows about it but most still tend to park in that little lot and fish the easier access point.
  6. Thanks for the info., might give it a shot some evening this week.