GMR boat access north of Piqua?

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  1. Does anyone know if there is any place to get a boat on the river between Piqua and Sidney? I have been interested in fishing this area for awhile now, but am unsure of access.
  2. i would like to know as well. also, is there still a ramp in Troy? one in Piqua?

  3. There is still a ramp in troy, its off N. Elm street just past the Eagles. Your limited on how far south you can go by the dam, the distance you go north is more limited by the depth, it can get pretty shallow.
  4. I've fished that area from the ramp in Troy many times with very little success. I wonder if anybody has ever seen much on a fish finder there.
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  6. I have fished from the Troy ramp north untill it gets too shallow. Only fish Ive ever caught is a smallmouth next to a big rock sticking out of the water at the furthest spot north i could go. Would get one there every time. Maby it was the same fish. Always released it.
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    What kind of boat are you trying to get on the water?
  8. When I fish the rivers, I use my duck hunting boat, which is a 17ft. Tracker Grizzley. I am not worried about water depth, the boat will draft through very shallow spots. I just want to get on the river south of Sidney.
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    The only ramp I know about in this area is in Troy off 25-A as mentioned in someone elses response. Personally, I would not take anything bigger than a canoe or jon boat out on river this far north.
  10. Yeah, depends on the boat. If it's a small plastic job or a small johnboat I know some spots. PM me.
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    Watch out for the boulders it gets shallow in that area depending on time of year water level and such
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    a 17' tracker on that section?Maybe right now, but as soon as it gets warm there won't be neoiugh to float one that big except down by Dayton and were talkin from Needmore down for it to be big enough and not scrape through the riffs.TC1
  13. This is one that looks more like a john boat, not a deep V. It drafts very little. i am not concerned with the depth of water. I put it on the GMR up by Quincy all the time.