GMR 9-24 Report

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by SConner, Sep 24, 2008.

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    Water continues to drop and is very clear for GMR. I really think we could use a good rain to stir it up. Last 2 times out, have done ok with numbers but no size worth noting. Tonight caught 3 smallmouth, lost 3 smallmouth on jumps:) and caught 1 saugeye. Very nice evening, but can't seem to find the big smallmouth. I have been trying many different lures, but have not established any that have been favored over another. Not much surface activity last couple of nights either.
  2. Same experience here. It didn't pay off to go bassin' on the GMR at 2:00 AM, either. (Schedule has me keeping some late hours these days). I think I saw two little fish hit the surface over an hour and a half.

    A little rain in the forecast for Friday, but not much.

  3. I've been gettin mostly dinks for several days now, though my fishing time is limited at the moment. Tried the 41 bridge last evening 4:30 to 6:30. It looked fishy but just one tiny smallie and an 8 " Rock Bass. Tried crawlers, minnows and assorted lures. It was my first time trying there and didn't move around much so I might have just hit a fished out pocket.
  4. GMR downtown Dayton has been hot for smallies...especially over the lunch hour. Hitting 4" twister tails and rebels...