GMR 9-20 Smallmouth hitting

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by SConner, Sep 20, 2008.

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    Went on a long wade this morning and did pretty decent. Caught about 14 smallmouth and one pike. Most the smallmouth were fairly small, but did get a nice 14" and a nice 16". The pike was small, I have caught a lot in this size range in the last month. Hopefully they will all grow up to put on a big show in a few years! Threw a lot of different things today, but the Rebel craw was again my top performer. Pike came on rainbow pattern Rapala.
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    Awsome fish! Thanks for sharing. I've been reading the forums for a while now, and have really noticed a lot of GMR smallie threads. Are their any canoe liverys you could recommend. I fish the LMR quite often, was just out this week and caught a good bit of smallies, but I personally don't know of any liverys on the GMR.

    Never heard any mention of the pike untill recently either, any reason for that?

  3. SConner

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    There is a livery in Tipp City. Not sure of the name, maybe someone else could chime in with that info.

    On the pike, I think just because the water temps are down to where they are comfortable. Also think they had a good spawn two years ago and we are seeing the results of that now.
  4. Excellent catch.
    The livery in Tipp is called Barefoot Canoes and should be open through October but you have to call them to come down as they never seem to have anyone on the premises.
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    Nice fish... as always!
  6. You are the most consistant fisherman in SW Ohio!!!!
  7. really nice smallie, congrats, they are my fav fish , ive fished for them in many states in lakes and res, but never fished wading rivers. its nice when people post there fish it really gets the fishing blood boiling, keep up the good fishing,
  8. man your killin me, i might just have to grab the smallie tackle tomorrow afternoon! :) thanks for the report.
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    Good Job
    fish Have Nice coloration
    Great post as always