Gmr 9-14-2008

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  1. Hit the water for a short wade in Piqua this morning on the GMR. Probably the most popular spot in Piqua, but what the heck. I only caught 4 fish, 3 smallies and 1 rock bass. But one smallie was my best so far this year. It measured just over 17" and was caught in a very shallow current. I pulled two more out of the same spot/current, those were 12" and 13". The 17" fish came when I was walking back to my truck and decided to cast to the spot again. Glad I did.

    Saw many people on the water right after I got there, other than some dinks this one bank fishing guy pulled in I did see a young kid pull in a decent carp. He looked happy. :)

    All my fish were caught on a shallow diving Yo-zuri 2" Pins minnow, rainbow trout colored. Also seemed to loose a lot of hookups today. Not sure why, been fishing this lure for years, so that can't be it.

    Water is shallow, we still need some rain to shake things up a bit. Looking at the Radar we might not get a drop. :(
  2. Nice catch! I'm glad to be hearing and experiencing lots of good smallmouth action around here. I hope they had a successful spawn this spring despite the swollen river.

  3. nice catch. I was getting a lot of tentative bites yesterday in Tipp and either two or three that just fell off what seemed like solid hookups for no apparent reason. And Tipp-Eliz rd area is up about 4-6 inchs over last week.
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    I just got back from the LMR. The wind ruined the fishing. I only caught a couple of dinks. I had a hard time casting. When I took the bike trail back to the car I honestly thought a tree was going to fall on me. I'm glad I left when I did. There were two foot rollers on the LMR. It was bizarre.
  5. When I got off the water the wind still wasn't that bad ..... pretty bad now tho' ....
  6. We went by above the low dam in West Carrollton on the GMR around 2:00. It was blowing like crazy and a couple of guys were out in a little aluminum boat fishing. Right after that it started blowing 60+ and trees and branches were falling everywhere. Talk about die-hard fishermen!