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Decided to change things up and started my morning siening some creek chubs in a recently discovered honey hole. I'll tell you what, this creek was too small for gills or even smb as far up stream as it is, but the amount of chubs and crawdads it held was unlike I've ever seen in creeks even four times its size. In fact, I've never seen a 7-10" creek chub, let alone the plethora of specimen in this hole. I know the dnr says they get up to 12" or more, but I myself had not seen one even that came as close until then. And the craws all seemed way too small for the time of year. Was literally getting 1/2" craws and smaller in my net.

After that workout, went to the gmr around 1 or so and had some good bitage. Being as I usually do marathon type fishing on my days off and target many species at many times and locations, my first target was to get some sunnies for catting later on and just wanted to get it outta the way to not worry about it the rest of the day.

30 minutes later, and 25-30 in the bucket(and perhaps the discovery of OSG's long ear hole as long ears and a few orange spotted is all I was getting) and i even got a bonus of 2 3" smb on wax worms. Filling quota, switched to fishing chubs. Got a couple dink smallies, largest being about 8".

Poor guy looked really odd in the face too. It had a really sloping "nose" section that made it look like a carps or something and its mouth was ravaged like a pay lake flattie. Later on that night I was thinking about it and how it was so deformed then it struck me. Screening my internal photo gallery for review I figured that it had to of had its entire top lip ripped off. Someone really screwed him up. Wished I'd taken a pic so y'all knew what I meant now.

After the baby bass were done biting I found my self a pod of decent sized channels. 2 22"s and a 21" in the bag. Also caught two tiny cats but not sure what they were. They were bicolored, black and a brownish yellow, and pixelated kinda like the digital camo. Only ever seen one other like it but about 14" and outta the same spot by someone else. Maybe someone here can help me with that? I'll feel real dumb if its a baby flattie. Its head did have that shovel type shape, but I've never seen that type of vibrant coloration on one before.


A bucket full of bait, a few smallies and a few channels, not bad for 3 hours in one spot. Not often I fish with live bait, usually just wax worms to get gills to get flatties, so it was a nice change from all the plastic and rubber I've been going through like Charlie Sheen going through boulders.

Nothing in the belly, went home for a "lunch break". An hour later headed up river to a spot I've not been. Started throwing a teeny craw at a brush pile under a bridge and hooked up with a fat 8" rock bass.


Next cast at the same spot and get slammed hard. It got about 4' from me and performed a good 2' jump assisted by me. In my panic, I thrust my rod upward to match his move and then guide him back down in a heroic looking maneuver.

Recalling recent ogf tips on keeping rods down, I reel in doing so, and lose a good 14" smb after it uses a rock to torque the lure from his mouth. funny thing about it all, the rb barely hung on with one hook at the edge of its lip and gets dragged motionlessly along like a dog headed to the vet to get neutered. The smb, well he had the whole lure in his mouth deep and still manages to spit it.

Getting dark so I changed to cat gear. Got all set up just after dark, and started noticing tons of top water feeding. Been looking for more top water bites since my first so tied on a black j bug. Got a bunch of strikes as I could hear that bada$$ sucking noise they make and felt some really hard taps. Couldn't get a hook up at all until finally, got one big enough to hook and landed a 10" crappie. (To match my 7 year old daughters Pb I might add)


Think I solved my hook up dilemma noticing that the crappie had the front of the j bug lodged sideways with the front treble barely attached. (Note to self, locate smaller jitterbugs!) Taking this into consideration, switched to a pop-r and buzzbait consecutively with not a single sign of interest. Even went back to the bug but they ceased their attacks.

Next 4 hours of catting weren't productive to say the least. A twenty minute game of "scare the turtle off the bait" and a 15 second run on my line with an empty hook set were about the biggest highlights of this endeavor. Just haven't been able to get a flattie since getting my pb 32" couple months back.

I think I may need to try out some circle hooks tight lining and see if this improves my ratio any. I've missed a couple of sets here recently. Always been a little apprehensive but what could it hurt right. Just have to baby sit my rigs a little closer.

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pic is a baby flathead, pretty cool,!! Nice report, I was just downstream of you last night rounding up some bait but only got some suckers for Saturday catfish tournament at CJ Brown

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