GMR 9/08/08 and unknown fish

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  1. I had a very interesting day on the GMR. I caught 5 golden redhorse including one that jumped twice while fighting, two rockbass, 2 channel cats, 1 sm, 3 gills and finally, an eastern spiny softshelled turtle and this fish which I cannot find mentioned anywhere
  2. fishymcgoo

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    never seen nothing like that?

  3. yeah, it looks like an exotic tropical to me but it was really big and strong...almost ripped the pole out of my hands. The pic isn't very good and it was bigger than it appears in the photo and thick.
    Here's another photo with my doughbait container for contrast
  4. TeamPlaker

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    It almost looks like an Oscar, very aggressive tropical fish. Someone would've had to have let it go in the river.
  5. bassmanmark

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    Without a doubt an Oscar. Will die over winter.
  6. fisherman5567

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    i have to agree, i was catching them this summer down in florida.....bluegill on steroids!
  7. That is a red tiger oscar. South American cichlids can not make it thru our winters. I have raised several Oscars from fry and donated them to the zoo when they get real big. The largest one I raised was 16" and could eat a dozen feeder goldfish in about 30 seconds.
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    I wonder if those Oscars are good to eat?
  9. misfit

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    ditto on the oscar.
  10. That's certainly something you're not likely to catch around here again. Very cool. I caught a northern hogsucker today. I've been irritated by plenty of white suckers, but this thing looked so cool. Like a walleye with the wrong mouth on it.
  11. Yeah I see those at the pet shop all the time. Kind of cool that you caught one though.
  12. H2O Mellon

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    Very cool on the Oscar. Wild.....
  13. i know what it is!......BAIT!:)
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    I caught a huge Oscar a few years ago in a city pond--someone had let it go in there, 'cause it got too big for their aquarium, which is usually why they put them in open waters. They are certainly tropical, and will not last in cold waters...but it makes you wonder, doesn't it? That thing is really big--is there a chance it made it through a winter, and continued to grow? Anyway hope not--they are super-super-super aggressive, and a few of them will clean a pond out in no time...:( When I spoke later to a ranger he said "you DIDN'T put it back in, did you? That's an artifically introduced foreign species! We cannot have them propagating in our native waters!!") Anyway I did put it back in...but apparently it won't live???
  15. fisherman5567

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    oscars are very tasty! couldnt tell much difference between them and the bluegill!
  16. unfortunately, I'm new to fishing here and didn't have any idea it didn't belong so I put it back. There are spots 20 or more feet deep where I caught it so surviving winter is an outside chance.
  17. Oscars are great to eat, we used to catch a lot of them in south florida. They're really slimy, about as slimy as a catfish even though they have scales. As far as surviving winter, I doubt it unless there is a warm-water discharge. I don't think they survive any further north than Gainesville, Fl.
  18. Man, the oscar action is heating up .... i need to get out on the water soon. :)
  19. pendog66

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    lol thats pretty cool, i read a bassmaster article a couple months ago that was talking about oscars in the canals in florida. And they mentioned that they are quickly becoming the number 2 gamefish behind largemouth bass
  20. The one I caught hit like a train. I'm troubled to think of the damage that such an obviously aggresive fish can do to the natural bait sources in the areas that they're released.