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Gmr 9-01-04

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by newbreed, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Finally got out this morning in between work and house repairs ..... went out at the crack of dawn for smallmouth in the GMR .... a spot in Piqua that I hit from time to time ..... in two and a half hours I got 18 fish ... 6 of which were 14" or larger ... biggest being 18.75" (first fish, third cast) ..... many were in that 8" to 12" range ... only a few dinks ..... once the sun came up and hit the water the action pretty muched stopped. Got a few pics but the disposable camera is only half full .... will post them later .....

    Caught everything on Terminator In-line spinners ... silver and white .... all the fish were right where they were supposed to be. Find the oxygen and structure and you'll find the fish. With the water being a bit low they were pretty easy to find.

    Seen a large number a big carp wallowing around the bank early in the morning. Since I haven't got out much this year today was very theraputic :eek: ......
  2. Nice job,glad you caught fish!