GMR 8-5-08 Report

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  1. Finally got out on the river this morning in the Troy area in bewtween the rain storms. River looked great. Didn't get much of anything with real size but caught a nice mixed bag of fish. 10 smallmouth (biggest 12"), 4 Saugeye (biggest 12"), 1 beefy rock bass, and a small channel cat. If we dont get too much more rain I bet they would be on tonight.
  2. Good report, what did you catch them on?

  3. 3" Husky Jerk and 3.5" Green Tubes ..... all the fish were right where you would expect to catch them.
  4. I hit the lmr today and also did well on a husky jerk I guess the fish are feeding the same no matter what body of water.
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    Newbreed - Did most/all the smallmouth come on tubes? I really got to start throwing those! Glad you were able to get out today.
  6. Actually only the last two ..... this spot right on the bridge pilon was holding fish. I could see them turn on the jerk when it hit the surface, but they wouldn't take the bait. So I tied on a tube right before I left and caught the two fish.
  7. I got several smallies and a nice rock bass on Sunday night throwing an inline spinner. I did get one shorty on a small Husky Jerk, but the spinner was more productive. Had to quit after a tree ate my favorite spinner. Then, last night I got skunked on everything. Maybe the storms made the difference this morning.
  8. A little rain and about 12 hours can make a lot of difference I suppose.
  9. I don't like the river in Troy in it's current condition. Not much water with the dam open. What's up with that? Can't launch boat and don't care to wade.
  10. Honestly, I rarely go there ..... first time in two years. But the water by the Rt 41 bridge did look good. And since I went on a weekday morning there wasn't a bunch of people there. SConner has been kicking butt there this year.
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    hey neil.

    glad to see ur still beatin the water. saw the S5 guys a few weeks back and thought of you. we need to get together soon.
  12. Yeah, haven't got out as much as I'd like this year ... new baby and all.

    I still owe you a GMR wade trip if you'd like to come down. Or I can head over there and get in that bass boat with you.
  13. Hi newbreed
    I live in Troy and I'm new to fishing Ohio. I'm interested in Saugeye and Bass (any largemouth?)in the river between South Piqua and Tipp. Can you tell me how heavy a line I should use and bait or lures that work well.

  14. jimnrg .... welcome to the site.

    So check it ... I've been fishing this river from Troy to Sidney for over 20 years. Some damn good fishing in that stretch. But like any day fishing, there will be some bad days mixed in. So never get discouraged. Sconner for example was new to the area, started fishing our stretch a bunch, trying different things, learning, and now he's a GMR master. :)

    So Saugeye ...... scattered about the river in this whole stretch, but the Piqua and Troy dams seem to be the best places. Troy being the best.

    Bass .... some largemouth scattered in here and there, but this is smallmouth territory and should be what you concentrait on.

    And obviously you need to wade unless you are going for channel cats/carp. Which this river is loaded with.

    Access spots ..... Rt 41 overpass. Troy Dam. Eldean Road. Peterson road. Piqua Dam. All decent spots but can be loaded with people at any given time. Lots of other spots, but you'll have to discover them yourself. Which is the fun part right?

    Lines .... I use two setups, medium action and an ultralight rig. On the ultralight I like to use 4lb test. And the medium action I use 8lb. And get a good spinning real with a 6 to 1 gear ratio.

    Presentations ....
    Inline spinners. Good for finding actively feeding fish, but tends to catch smaller fish. Good beginner bait to learn the area's water and achieve some early success. But don't be fooled, you can catch some big ones as well. Downside is the small treble hooks, looses a lot of bigger fish.

    Yo Zuri 2" Pins Minnows or small Husky Jerks. You know, minnow type baits. This is a shallow river, so you don't want anything that runs too deep. Coverage from 2' to 6' of water is what you want.

    Rebel Craws. All sizes and colors. I had gotten away from these years ago, but after fishing with SConner a few times I'm a believer again.

    3.5" Dark Colored tubes. Deadly for me when hunting big smallies over the years. You tend to not catch as many fish, but it for sure tends to weed out the small ones. This is my go to smallmouth presentation. I prefer the snoozers brand. But really any dark green-ish brown-ish tube will do.

    That's my system basically. Good luck, and maybe one of us will see you on the water.
  15. Thank you kindly, newbreed
    I'm going to the tackle shop in the morning and hope to take my first try by the weekend. I'm looking at the spot on 55 they call the "Troy low head reservoir" which I believe is the Troy dam.
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    jimnrg - Welcome to the site and the area. Newbreed covered most of it, but I want to emphasize one thing he said... "Don't get discouraged" there are some real nice fish in this river but it can take a while. Read post on here then get on the water over and over. I learn something new every time I go out! Wading is a great way to learn about the underwater structure you don't see when floating in a canoe.

    Hope to see you on the water, good luck.
  17. I've done all of my bassing in San Diego lakes for southern strain largemouth (15 + pounders are'nt very rare so smallies tend to get overlooked there). they're over-fished and the biggies wily as all get out. I used to use a spray on my baits that was made to cover up the human scent but also seemed to be an attractant. I looked at cabela's and they have lots of similar stuff but not what I've used. Anybody have any input on whether or not to use this around here and what kind if so?
  18. I've never used any types of scent products in the river here. The tubes of course have some scent infused in them when you buy them. When you are pulling metal or plastic baits through the current the fish that strike don't have any time make judgements based off scents. It's all about presentation.
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    I has some decent secuss today on the saugeye. Caught 6 mostly 12-16" but did get a 21"er on my first cast. I have a picture on my phone and Ill try to get it on.
  20. Nice. What did you catch them on?