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  1. Just got back from the Tipp City area of the GMR... Fished for about 2 hours. Didn't do too well. Caught 2 smallies, about 12 inches, and hooked into something NICE on a large rooster tail spinner, but broke loose. Looking forward to my weekend fishin "me time" lol.
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    good job sounds like u found time 2 fish the GMR

  3. Thats to bad we have been doing good the last few weeks. What part of the river did you go in.
  4. Right across from the gravel pits on 571, and waded upstream to the big tower.
  5. Try at the ross rd bridge. go north there are some good spots . Is the bear foot canoe open yet.
  6. Have you fished the pits on 571. I hear there are some good bass in that place. My wife an i fished it one time she caught a few blue gills an a small catfish.
  7. Yeah, I use to fish there all the time. Bass fishing is good there. The best I've done out the pits was around 3lbs. Panfish is excellent, I use to go weed out some of the smaller ones and take them catfishing. You can't fish for gills or crappie there without catching a ton Grass Pike. If you want to bass fish, fish the back pit ( the long, narrow lake ). Stand on the gravel, and cast to the bank on the other side.( the tree line ). Ive have lots of luck with rubber worms ( dark color ), and a bullet nose sinker, just bouncing the bottom.
  8. Guys, try to leave specific locations out of it. Save it for a pm. There is nothing more frustrating than to find your favorite spot has footprints all over the bank and two or three strangers standing in your fave hole.
  9. Klinger,
    First off noone gave a " specific spot ". " There some spots north of a bridge" is not a specific spot. Now if someone said something like " Go under the bridge and walk down and fish in front of the drain pipe". Thats specific. Also, I dont have any problem with people on here knowing about good spots. That's part of being a good sportsman. I could see if you were fishing a lake for a tournament or something. But, not just recreational fishing. There is NOTHING wrong at all with helping fellow Ohio Anglers out, and pointing them in the right direction, and helping them out. If you can just tell someone where a good area to fish is, and by you telling them that you've made a friend, and helped another fisherman enjoy the great outdoors even more.. why not?
  10. Do you have to have permission to fish the pits east of Tipp City?:D
  11. No, you don't need permission. It's open to the public. You will see the big gates closed, but the small gate/door is unlocked. You just walk in, and fish.
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    "Right across from the gravel pits on 571, and waded upstream to the big tower."

    XL506, the area you described is no more than 75 yards of river. I know it well...and you were too specific. Yer young, naive, and foolish if you believe there aren't lurkers frothing over your ringing indorsement. You will learn...the hard way...that everyone isn't as ethical as you are. Whether you understand, or not...many of your posts are too specific. Slow down.

    "The GMR around Tipp City", would have been just fine.
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    I am new to this message board this summer and been loving it. I am relatively new to fishing, been going out the past three years now. My question is in regards to telling folks where to specifically fish. I have been reading some posts recently where some members seem to frown upon divulging spots. I am simply curious as to folks thoughts on this.

    Today on the Mad, I caught my first trout. There was a really nice guy there who pointed out some spots to me. He was great and very helpful.

    Why do some of you believe we shouldn't help out another angler?
    On the other hand, why would anyone want to give away their favorite spots?

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    fshnteachr - While I too like solitude when fishing, there are far too many grumpy people whining on here when someone mentions a spot. I suspect they only whine when someone gives up one of their holes but are thrilled when someone gives up a spot they are unfamiliar with. I think I have heard them referred to as lurkers on other post. Apparently they own all Ohio waterways and the content of this site as they always feel compelled to force their "vow of silence" on any poor individual who unknowingly wants to share their enthusiasm for fishing.

    If a person wants to post their favorite spots, it is their business!
  15. Well, Before you say I'm young, and naive.. You should read my post before you sound like a fool Wiper Swiper. Not ONE time in my post did I say the area I fished today was a " secret spot " of mine. I said I just waded around up to a big tower. The same way anyone else could walk up the river, and see a big tower. So, going by what you said.. Since I stumbled upon this spot, that makes the spot mine now, and I cant tell anyone about it because noone else can fish there? I'm sorry I am a TRUE fisherman. And that when I find a good spot, sometimes I like the share it, so maybe someone else can enjoy a good day of fishing as I did. I have spots that I like to keep to myself, as do other people. You say Im young and naive.. But I say your old, and insecure. I'm 22 years old, with wife, and a 1 year old son my own home and I take care of my family, and do what a man should do whether he is 20 or 100. So don't tell me what time of person I am. Because you are the naive one for judging someone for telling them a good spot to fish. Well, Thanks for your opinion, though it's wrong, and 1 dimensional.
  16. Well said XL506. You young naive foolish young man. I have a good religious story for this post put will keep it to my self.
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    You fellas are in error when you under-estimate the exposure generated by posting specifics on the world wide web. You further under-estimate the damage that can be done to specific holes and runs of our waterways by a small number of unethical, lazy, fishing site lurkers. Obviously, it's your intention to learn those lessons the hard way. Too bad...whereas personal experience is always part of everyones education in life, the ability to learn from those who have already made mistakes shortens the curve and puts one on the fast track to being a true steward of the resource.

    Have you ever heard an old timer say that, "common sense just ain't that common anymore"???
  18. WOW You must have a hard time to find a new spot. As I can see we must be talking about one of your spots. I have a place I like to fish at Alum creek . The other day I go to fish it . There are about 5 kids about 16 to 17 they were fishing about 6 feet from shore trying to catch any thing. So I told them to cast out about 30 feet or so. I Evan gave them a can of corn to try for carp. I walked about 100 yards up an set up. As I sat there I could hear them down there just having a blast. So I walk back to them an the thanks that I got was vary nice to hear. I know that it was a good spot for carp cats an bass. So I just had to Chang the way I fish one time or two. I still caught fish an still had a good time. I know I am not the smartest out there. I don't think that common sense is has any thing to do with it. I think it is called trying to help out someone else. Back in West Virginia I worked with a OLD MAN in the coal mines that would never put on his mask as the hole would fill up with dust. He told me we never use to put them on .Well he is 6 feet now at only 54. I think that is a common sense call. Not about a fishing spot
  19. Thank Catfish. I mean come on Wiper. You are seriously talking about telling someone a good spot to fish is a bad thing. I find it hilarious. Noone is asking YOU to give out your " spots ". Because god forbid someone be in " YOUR " spot. How can you call yourself a fisherman, and be so selfish? I dont get it. Fishermen are suppose to help one another. And it has NOTHING to do with age. a few friends and I went to canada, and went walleye fishing, and stayed at a lodge. The first day we were there we didnt catch squat. We went back to the lodge, sat around the fire, had a couple beers when this old man walked up.. He had to be every bit of 65-70. He asked if we did any good, when we told him of our failed attempt. He told us a spot of his that always serves him right. and the next morning before we left. the old man caught us before we left, and offered to show us his spot. We gladly took his help. And took us to his spot. He sat and fished with us for about 2 hours before he left, and wished us goodluck. about 6 hours later, and we me, and one other friend had caught 7 walleye and the other 2 caught 5 each. Thanks to that old man we were able to enjoy the wonderful outdoors even more. And that old man is forever imbedded into my memory, and will always have my respect, and admiration.
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    Last this appears to be a lesson in futility.

    There is a HUGE difference between one on one conversations amongst two fisherman sharing the same water, and posting your specific success on-line for 500 people to read.

    It's an ego thing for those just learning the sport to tout their first successes. With hopes of portraying themselves as "skilled" in front of their peers, they divulge "good news" as quickly as possible. Considering the ramifications of such reporting comes in second to the potential reward of admiration from the aforementioned peers.

    XL506, treasure what you're learning. Give yourself some credit. If you believe that everything you know should be common do you grow as an angler?

    When talking specifics, I share with trusted friends. Folks with the same passion for the resource that I have. I value what I know and only shorten the curve for those who appreciate and respect the countless hours I've spent learning the hard way.

    Folks you've never met will betray you. There's a PM function on this board...try it when feeling generous.

    Like I said, I'm done. If nothing I've posted in this thread causes you to stop and go, "hmmm"...I've already wasted too much time.