GMR 6-21-08, Honey Creek?

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  1. First I just want to thank everyone for the helpful posts, I've been mooching info for about a year and finally decided to become a member. Waded the GMR this morning in Tipp City and had an exceptional day. Caught a 15" largemouth, 13" smallie and ended the day with a nice 19" Saugeye. Been fishing this stretch of river for years, but never had a day quite like this. Also, just wanted to ask if anyone has had any luck fishing Honey Creek off SR 202, was up there once and caught some small rock bass...anything with size in there?
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    At times in the past it was good but after last yrs drought it'll be the lower crik where fish from the river have gone up.
    Gotta love the gmr,TC1

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    I did pretty good today up in Troy with 4 15-21" saugeye and a couple of small crappie and smallmouth.
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    I have only fished honey creek & 202 once on the way home from work But a did catch a pike there. I have seen quite a few cars parked there.
  5. I fished there (Honey Creek @ 202) a few times years ago and found nothing but the usual creek minnows. You always see cars parked there but you can't actually see anyone fishing when you go by. They must be wading way down toward the west out of sight. If they're directly under the bridge, they're wasting their time.