Gmr 4-17-08

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  1. Went to the GMR again. Fished with minnows, shinners and night crawlers, either under a bobber or on bottom. Fished from 7:00am-2:00pm. Fishing was slow at first but as it warmed up they really turned on. All were caught in 2-5ft of water. 8 smallies and 15 rock bass. Smallies were all in the 12-15" range and the rocks were small 5-7" range. I had something keep biteing my shinners in half but had no luck getting what ever it was to take the whole bait. Also had something hit a 4" shinner under a bobber but no such luck in getting it in. It ran straight for a snag.
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    I used to get some pretty big turtles in the big Miami up near Tipp City. They used to like to bite minnows in half and clean fish right off a stringer too! Sounds like you had a pretty good day!


  3. My son was up at the dam last nite and said someone caught a 24 inch saugeye and there were alot of crappie being caught with minnows.
  4. Ive never fished the dam but would like to, biggest thing is i dont know where its at.
  5. They are slaying the saugeye at the dam. Tom coming from Fairborn go straight up 202 to rt 41. Take a left on 41 towards Troy turn right at the Catholic church (st pats) then a left at the stop sign. Then turn right right before the railroad tracks you can park behind that building its the old Hobart Cabinet company. Good Luck.