Gmr 2-9-09

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    Steve and i went out today to do some filming for FMF and was hoping to catch some channel cats, unfortunately we didnt catch any, there was a lot of branches and leaves in the water and it made it hard to keep your line clear of stuff. While the cat rods were out we decided to start throwing some jigs for saugeye, my first fish was a common carp which surprised us both. Then the very next cast i hooked up on something big and told steve to get the camera. After a 10 minute fight on a 6 foot bass rod i landed a 46 pound grass carp. i was pumped but unfortunately we only landed one more fish. It was nice just being able to get out again.

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  2. look at that bad boy, that thing is twice the size of my daughter

  3. I bet ur heart was pumping during this fight.... cant wait to get out this season
  4. that is a massive grassie, did he actually take the jig, I've seen them do that once in a while in cold water?
    I hope you removed the possiblilty of it spreading its genetics to our rivers as well
  5. i hope you safely returned it to the river, i fish alot for carp for the fun of the fight and always return them unharmed.............................Mike
  6. All Grass Carp in ohio are triploid which means that they are unable to reproduce. It was just an escapee from someones pond and wouldn't hurt anything if it was returned to the water alive. Good job on landing that baby.
  7. WOW!!! heard they are god eatin! ;)
  8. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    nothing like a set of deep fired carp ribs :p ;)
  9. Carpn


    Nice grassie...What is FMF????
  10. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    i believe its his youtube subscription "Foul Mouth Fishermen"
  11. nice catch, always new there was some nice carp in there, you and steve get ahold of me and we can do some cattin, im def hitting the river more this year now that ive got the divorce pretty much settled. and yeah FMF is funnies

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    Nice Fish!!!
    I'll check youtube for your vids
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    Heck of a nice grassie! Has anyone else caught a grass carp from the GMR? Does anyone know how they get in the GMR besides the rogue stocker?
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    That's a monster! I can't believe you landed that in 10 minutes.
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    I have no idea what it is about the Grass Carp in that stretch, but I noticed a few of them late fall of last year. The 1st one scare the crap out of me. The things seemed 1/2 the size of my boat.
  16. not all grass carp are triploid, as evidence by some YOY that have been shocked in the ohio river, that I have personally shocked... they are a biological hazard waiting to take off in ohio like silver carp. I almost never kill fish even for food but grass, silver, bighead carps, gobies, certain fish are simply not worth the risk to our fisheries.
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    There really are quite a few around. I think mosta the great miami grassies are escapees but I've seen them pretty much everywhere I've been on the river. In the Ohio river we have shot them as small as 14" up to much bigger adults. There were a few nights last yr where we saw 20-30 different grassies.
  18. awesome catch and nice way to get the year underway
  19. "Triploid?" That sounds interesting. That would mean 3x the haploid number of chromosomes right? Hmmm....