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GMR 12 Feb 2005

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Ol' Whiskers, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. Arrived about 7:00AM. Level below the dam was about 2 fett above normal. Very heavy current, muddy. Wind was WSW at 15 to 25 mph. COLDDDDD!

    One pic shows the load against an 8-ft MH Cattmax rod. Five ounce no-roll tumbled from just below the boil to straigth down-river in about 30 seconds. Fished fathead minnows, doughballs, worms, corn, twisters, to no avail. Couldn't buy a bite. Around 10:00 picked up and tried the retention basin over the levee, but no luck there either.

    Add one skunk, total 5, in about 18 years on this spot.

    Hope someone else did better.

  2. catking

    catking Banned

    Glad to see you getting out !!! That looks like an excellent area to fish. Nice set up also ;) Also looks like a good smallie spot in late fall....... CATKING

  3. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    At least you were able to get out.
  4. Smallies are pretty good here spring thru fall. We get a few nice ones on jigs, and drifting minnows around the rocks when the current is quite a bit slower, when were out for 'eyes and white bass. Fishing this spot under heavy flow is a lot like work.

    It was great to get out. I've been pretty much cooped up all winter rehabbing. Got out last weekend hoping to get some 'eyes. Ended up with a couple little carp. This place is easy to get to, and I took a golf cart (1st picture - don't play, found it at a a garage sale for $4) and rigged it so I can wheel the poles and bucket with one hand and the cane in the other. In a few weeks I hope to have enough leg back to venture to some of the wilder spots.

    Hope to see you on the water.
  5. Slick way to rig those rod holders. Glad to see you got out.

  6. Thanks. The rodholders are the result of a bit of basement tinkering. I'm toying with a simpler method of manufacturing that would yield a pretty universal mounting, to flat, round, horizontal or vertical, fixed or portable. As it is, we set these up on the rail, or fixed to a ground peg. It nice when you don't have the rods on the deck to drag on the concrete or rrocks, or have to walk over, and it's easy even when fighting a large fish to cross over or under to get down the bank. These holders will grip the rod butt with a fish pulling against drag on 6500C3 with 30-lb line (generally use 20-lb 'cause it's easier to break off on the snags). I love making little gadgets that make life easier.

    See you out there.
  7. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Yeah I liked those rod holders too. That looks to be about the best way to rig them for that place! :)
  8. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    A blue drum and two blacks. I see they inhabit the swiftest current they can find. The way they just float there and wait for prey is neat.

    Should have tried to snag one. They look like 30 lbers.