GMR 11-29 Smallies, Saugeyes, and a Walleye

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  1. was planning on heading up to the Troy area today to do some 'eye fishing, but took a lot longer with "housework" and only had 2 hours of daylight left. decided to grab some suckers from the bait tank and hit the GMR in downtown Dayton near the house. took about a half hour to get on some fish. they were stacked up in a deep little hole (8ft, deep for the area) with a big log, or something on the bottom that i kept getting hung on. caught about a dozen fish until 6pm or so, caught two right before i left right after dark but i had to get home so i left. most were saugeye all but 3 were really small, biggest saugeye went about 2-1/2lb, 2 smallies went what i guess were 2-1/2 and 1-1/2lb. also caught a "purebred" Walleye. i have a hard time distinguishing between the "eyes" but when you have two side-by-side its obvious. big smallies were caught on 5-6 inch stoneroller suckers fished on the bottom, saugeyes and walleye were all caught on a chartruse twister tail with a glow head. saugeyes were biting so light i literally had to drag the grub rock by rock accross the bottom. camera died on me and took smallie pic with my phone. walleye was caught right at dusk, took a pic but it came out too dark to see.
    all fished were released....
  2. Nice fish. Thanks for the report.

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    Those are some good lookin' fish! Congrats on a good day.