GMR 11-08 Flatheads still feeding!

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by dinkbuster1, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. hit a couple spots south of Dayton from 10am-2pm. first spot produced a fish as soon as i threw the first line out, guesstimated it top be about 9 lb. couldnt buy another hit for an hour. i later took my smallie rod with a slip float and throwing upstream drifted some small stoneroller suckers close the bottom in 18-20ft of water. that technique produced two of the smallest flatheads i ever caught, they only weighed about a half pound each. i later moved down to another really deep hole (25ft +) where i caught another 8 fish in a frantic feeding spurt a half hour after arriving, all were between 2-4lb each. lost another 3 fish halfway in to the bank. wasnt expecting any big ones, i only get dinks this late in the year. it got cold, i got hungry for KFC, and i left. may be back out tomorrow providing water temps stay above 48 degrees.
  2. Nice report Chicken boy!!!! I can hear the Colonel (Sanders) thanking you from his grave..RIP

    Glad you got into a few at the 2nd spot ( the Flathead nursery)


  3. Mark, right after i talked to you today is when that feeding spurt happened. will be out again tomorrow morning hopefully.
  4. That kills me, I fished the nursery after work for almost a week, and I got nothing, that is if we're talking about the same place...