GMR 10-9 troy area

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    I just got back from the river in the Troy area. Did alot better then I thought I would especaily knowing I only had tubes and twisters to fish with. In the first hole I got to BAM 1 smallie 16" second cast another smallie about 14". Fished the hole for about 10 more minutes and got 1 15" saugeye. Move up alittle and got 3 more smallies from 12- 15" and 1 more saugeye. The lst hole I fished they were going crazy lost 4 and landed 2 saugeyes and 3 smallies. I also saw a very large northern that just happened to be dead. When I looked in its mouth and saw some type of minnow bait caught up in its gills. This northern from what I would estamate 35-40" no lie. Also as I was wading back missed alot of fish, and got 1 largemouth. All in all very good for water being pretty low. And twisters took the majority.
  2. Good catch. The fish I was nailing Monday must have swam your way. I went to the same spot I caught several big smallies on Monday and only caught a few dinks 10" and less.

  3. Big Northern, has survived this river environment....dead. I'm horrified to hear that. Those were good genetics to pass on.

    Sounds like it broke somebody's line and got away (I would hope that's the case).

    Anyway, sounds like you had another good outing. I've seen you perform with shiners, chubs, and crankbaits. Sounds like you're pretty good with a jig, too :)
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    Guys i have been fishing near troy area in the last month. The river was really down. Had a few dinks up near twin arches. Had allot of small activity at 41. Is there any deep holes south of 41? I am not sure where the accesses are south. Anyone have any tips? thanks
  5. I haven't wandered down between 41 and Tipp City for several years. There is no public access, but you can ask private property owners along the way for permission. There are some deeper spots, but none worth the effort to get to them (my opinion). With the river as low as it is now, they should all be pretty shallow. There is one little "honey hole" that I remember down that way, but I wouldn't expect it to be very productive right now and it's not easy to get to.
  6. Depends what you consider deep. Im planning on going to my spot on wed and its 20+ft deep in the deepest spot.