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  1. Got in the water just after 4 this afternoon and almost froze through my waders. I stuck with it and walked down to a hole that looked promising and tossed a popper among some downed branchs. Got rolled on by what I thought was an average smallie but soon found out different when my 6' medium light rod almost bent in half. I pulled in my 3rd 20" smallie of the fall and she was nice and thick. Unfortunately I caught only one other just as I was leaving at 6:30 and it measured only 8" or so.
  2. Sounds like a nice :B Quality over quantity, fishermen can never have both;)

  3. It was a beauty. After the last 20" I caught I've made it a point to keep my camera with me but got the fish safely to the bank to photograph it and found the batteries were dead(just checked them on Wednesday in prep for this trip.) I had spares in the ziploc with the cam but wouldn't keep the fish out of water that long. It kind of hurt not getting this photo. With the other two 20" smallies I didn't have it available so it didn't bother me as much.
  4. Glad to hear the pop-r worked for you. Most people don't realize how good the topwater bite can be this time of the year. Most people are thinking about hanging up their waders for the year by now, but if they do they could be missing out on the best fishing of the year.
  5. I keep top water in my "go-to" arsenal all year. I usually keep one lure for each section of the water column. If they are not biting low or mid column baits, go top water and results will follow. Its unfortunate that most people disregard this method for most of the year. Especially with top water being so fun, nothing gets you pumped like seeing a trophy bass hit your lure and miss! Requires lots of self control not to just yank when that happens, and wait for that fish to come back around for another go at it.:)
  6. Actually I haven't got the Pop-R yet but only because I'm not finding the color I like in stock. The popper I use is a Matzuo and is similar to their P-40 model. It's actually the first lure I bought since I started fishing in Ohio and has served me well. When I get back down to Dick's SG in Springboro(only place I know around here for Matzuo, as well as Daiwa cranks, which I like) I'm going to pick up a 'Matzuo Spit & Sputter'.

    My popper is the one right next to the Rebel Craw in this case.
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    Jim - You don't have to go to Springboro, there is a Dicks in Huber Heights on 202 just north of I-70.
  8. The Dick's in Huber has a very tiny section and carries only a fraction of the Springboro's fishing tackle