Gmr 10-17-08

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  1. Hit the GMR this morning for a couple of hours before I had to go to work. I thought with the cloud cover this morning I'd hammer em. I got to the river and started fishing at about 8am. Took till about 8:20 to catch my first fish, a smallie about 13" Kept fishing till about 10am caught about 10 smallmouth, all between 12-14" told myself I'd go make a few more casts to the spot I caught most of them in. Made about 2 more casts and twitched the jerkait a couple of times and BAM!!! :B just about had the rod jerked out of my hands. After a few minutes of my drag screaming and 3 or 4 acrobatic leaps I landed the best fish of the day. A smallmouth in the 3lb class she was about 17" and shaped like a football from where she had be putting on the feedbag. Time ran out and I couldn't fish any longer so I packed it up and headed to work. I did also catch a saugeye about 18". All were caught on Diawa DR minnow jerkbait. Gotta love fall fishing on the river for the Smallies!!
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    Isn't it funny how a little fishing before work can make the hole day better?
    Congrats on a good morning and yes I love fall fishing for smallies.
    Wait til that water temp. hits the low 50's and you find a deep pool.:)