glow in the dark ice jigs

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  1. I bought a eagle claw glow ice fishing kit. It didn't come with instructions. When I put the batterys in the littal flash lite came apart. I got it back toghther. Not sure wich way the batterys go. Is the lite supose to light up or what dose it do. I'am not sure if the lite is broken or what.
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    glow in the dark paint has to "charge" and sunlight charges them... but when ice fishing with them they "lose charge" and need recharged and a small flashlight is what most ice crazies use. so it sounds like you put it together wrong. you will want the light to light up .

  3. Are you sure those arent those new ice jigs from NASA. They charge up with an ultrasonic wave emitter that looks alot like a flashlight. But I didn't think those were legal in the US yet.
  4. I looked at the NASA jigs,but they were made in China.
  5. from what peon wrote, I think you use a flashlight to "charge"and "recharge"when they loose "charge".or something like that.?!