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  1. not that i'm interested in a global warming debate.... but seeing that my fiancee and I can't agree on it either, she throws me this article today....

    anyone else have thoughts, concerns?

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    I just want to say that weather (haha!) or not global warming is being caused/influenced by humans, we all should be doing everything we can to protect the environment.

  3. Check out this video for some info on global warming

    Al Gore is also being sued by the Weather Channel for fraud!!
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    climate != weather
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    It doesn't matter if you want to "believe" in global warming or not, if anyone here wants to argue that it's good for the environment to pump greenhouse gas into it feel free to hit me with that logic.

    By the way to help out seethe303, != means not equal just to avoid confusion.
  6. Ive heard good points made by both sides of the global warming debate and still dont know what to believe. One thing seems pretty certain though and that is the climate is changing for some reason. Warmer weather and mild winters are thought to be a main reason for the problem with the ash boring beetles spreading and the pine beetles out west that threaten to kill all the old growth pine trees in many states. It seems only natural that fish and other creatures will be or have been affected too. Only time will tell if the warming trend was caused by humans or just routine waming and cooling cycles the earth goes through from time to time. Could the major rounds of extinction throughout history have been caused by the beforementioned heating and cooling cycle the earth goes through naturally instead of volcanoes, asteroids, etc. ? It could be possible, and we are just on the verge of another one.
  7. I don't see where anyone said it was a good thing or where the video I posted ever implied it was good thing to pump gas into the environment. It just shows that we are not the cause of whatever is going on if anything is going on.

    Besides it's really hard to argue this on a site where everyone has big trucks to pull thier big boats around with. We are all guilty of pulluting the environment. If you argue for people like Al Gore then we will all be driving little matchbox cars soon. Try hooking your boat to the back of one of those and gettin to the lake!!
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    If you read the original article the legislation was to reduce greenhouse gas, so it has a lot to do with this. As for the rest I can see you have not looked at most of the proposed legislation so I won't spend time explaining it. After all there is no way to improve gas mileage and reduce emissions without limiting the ability to pull a boat...

    You guys better watch it, after we get your guns, we're coming for your trucks:rolleyes:
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    Carbon dioxide has suddenly become a poison that will destroy our planet. Guess what? That's what EVERY plant used for fuel. They emit oxygen which is a waste product of their energy production. Yes, oxygen is their poison. So, by burning up more oxygen and producing more carbon dioxide, we're actually HELPING the plants.

    I plan to go burn 40 gallons of fossil fuels next weekend in my boat, thereby using lots of toxic oxygen and producing buckets of the carbon dioxide that plants all love and need, because I love trees.


    That's almost as silly as the original argument, no?
  10. Well, I guess opinions are no longer allowed here huh, the original post asked for others thoughts, my thoughts is that the whole thing is a scam. I did read the article and understand that it was to reduce green house gases but the story was still based on global warming and was filled with words such as "could" and "may". The fact is no one really knows what is going on other than a slight increase in global temperature which has been fluctuating since the beginning of time. Some of these proposed global warming bills will cost the american people billions of dollars. I think it would be a little smarter to use our money where we know theres a problem instead of where someone thinks theres a problem. If you watch the video that I posted you will also hear from the scientists that CO2 has absolutely nothing to do with the global temperature riseing, in fact it does the oposite.

    As far as your joke about taking our trucks, keep laughing, where do you think all this is heading

    I am not drinking uncle Al's koolaid.
    Weather and climate equal.. what??
    What about sun spot activity?
    Is that my boats fault that there has been a change in sunspot activity lately?
    My boat is not that fast and it is not equipped for reentry.
    How about all you 40 somethings, can you remember the marxist disquised as enviromentalists shoving done all the scare tactics of another ice age in the 1970's? I do!! More snow cover on the planet in march then ever recorded before. PALEEEESSSEEE...
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    well, it taken some time, but you've finally stepped out of your closet:rolleyes:
  13. It is obvious that this global warming thing is a theory, because no one has proven it yet. Therefore, I, as a avid angler, am going to continue to drive my 8 Cylinder, Unleaded Gasoline, 1994 Chevy Silverado to my favorite fishing spots until they tell me I can't.
  14. The amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere averages a mere .03 percent. Until it climbs higher I don't see a global warming threat from greenhouse gases. Other gases could be responsible for some of the problems occurring in some parts of the world. If you look back into the 1700 and
    1800, they were worried about the same things. The major difference is the amount of vehicles and people of today. Nice subject to pass some lousy weather time.
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    gravity is a theory too!
  16. until i start floating through the air, i believe in gravity
  17. The problem may not be so much the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but the continuing loss of our forests and natural areas to consume it and produce oxygen. You gotta remember that we are clearcutting and paving over everything as fast as we are belching fumes into the air, there may have been a time when the trees and such could handle the dioxide but now now and less in the future. I am not completely sold on the theories behind global warming but it is happening somehow, all you have to do is look around you most of the time and the weather will tell you that.
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    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the theory but, who's to say this is not a normal cycle for earth? Historical climate data does not go back far enough to know.
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    It's obvious that the Earth's temperature is increasing but so are the temps of other planets in the solar system. I can't say that I totally believe that the rise in temperature on earth has anything to do with what we're doing. The one thing that seems to escape a lot of people's attention is how much energy that's being used and pollution that's being produced trying to "fix" pollution. Recycling does nothing but create jobs. The trucks that transport the materials due for recycling use fossil fuels which create pollution. The machines that break down the materials, put out pollution and other harmful chemicals. And to get a little deeper, the machines that make the machines that break down the materials put out pollution.

    If anything, it's safe to say that recycling does little to nothing to prevent greenhouse gases. In fact it may be making the situation worse. The only thing we as a planet can do to cut pollution, is to cut consumption. And we all know, that will likely never happen.