Glo bug yarn question

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  1. Is there a craft equivalent to glo bug yarn? I have a Michael's and a JoAnn's nearby and was wondering if they might have something that is like glo bug yarn.

  2. not that I have ever found. The only other one I ever have seen is mcfly foam. But, thats not to say there isnt something else somewhere.

  3. I've never seen anything like it in either one of those stores. Seems like a bag is cheap and lasts quite a while why go bulk? I guess it might be fun to buy a bunch of white yarn and dye it yourself and experiment with different colors.

  4. I think the density is hard to match from what I have found over the years!
  5. Laziness - I have a Michael's and a JoAnn's nearby. Also, I want black and didn't see it on Mad River Outfitters (closest fly store in Columbus) website.

  6. creekcrawler

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    I've used pink fibers from an old carpet for sucker spawn.
    But ten again I've used my dog's and cat's hair for nymphs - they caught steelhead too.
    Even took some of my frizzy blonde/grey hair out of a brush once and made a
    "Charlie Manson Nymph"......:p

  7. For Cairn Terrier Dubbing hes the best "my dog" for nymph