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Glass Shad Raps

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by papaperch, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Anybody tried Glass Shad Raps by Rapala yet ? I just ordered 18 of them in about 4 diffrent colors. They looked so good to me I figured they would have to work. I stayed with the smaller sizes 4s + 5s.

    Standard SR-5 have always worked for me I kinda figured these will even work better for an old bait dunker like me. I primarily troll with them. :T
  2. I like the Glass Raps, although I seem to have better luck overall with the regular Shad Raps. The Glass Raps seem to excel when it is sunny out, as the light refracts off the lure. It also runs a little deeper than regular shad raps, (only a foot or so deeper I would say). I like the Blue Shad and Citrus Shad colors the best, although the Purple Shad I picked up recently seems to be doing well also.

  3. I have been using the Citrus Shad, Perch and the Purple Sunfire in # 5. They have been doing very well flat line trolling for eyes in the upground reservoirs here in N.W. Ohio.
    If you get a chance try the Jointed Hot Perch(cabela's exclusive colour) in #5 ---- It's my go to Shad Rap, the jsr brown Crawdad has been a hot bait also.

    I pulled a nice 24" eye this morning just after sun-up on a jsr Crawdad in 13 feet of water, bumping bottom on the outside edge of a weed bed, she was spitting craws when I put the net to her..... Sometimes they act like Bass. :)
  4. I caught my first musky on the smallest size glass shad in the white color. He messed it up pretty good, but it still works!