Glass Minnow

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  1. My father is going to Cape Hatteras starting on the 13th of September. The fishing reports state that King's are hitting glass minnows. We don't know if that is a specific species of baitfish or a lure of some kind. I would like to know what it is, where I can obtain these, and how to find them.

    Also any other tips on surf, head boat, and other location tactics would be helpful.

    Dad likes to target red drum and flounder the most, but bluefish also.

    Anything but pinfish really.


  2. I can't tell which one is specific for this type of fish, but it is a lure. Go to or and do a search for it. I am pretty sure they are made by Rapala but many other manufacturers make similar ones. Hope this helps and good luck...

  3. I think by Glass Minnows they are actually referring to a particular bait species. They are very predominant in the Outer Banks area surf. You may have heard them referred to as silversides.

    Here is a link to information on them.

    Glass Minnow
  4. I like a 2 - 4 oz hopkins spoon.
  5. juvie herrings=glass minnows, 1-4in skinny and silvery, I'd say a #4 clouser! probably spoons, maybe x-raps, swimbaits, it might be best to see what the local shops have as immitations
  6. glass minnow = same fish you put on pizza.

    glass minnows are delicious. I can see why fish love em
  7. stop by the bait shops down there they are usually around 2-3 ounces of lead
    with a treble hook. painted white, white and pink, green, pink you get the idea lol. i like to take the treble off and go with a single hook.