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    You know, as hard a pill as it was to swallow, our Buckeyes put up a solid game. Yes, I'm disappointed by the play calling, yet that's nothing new over the past couple of years, but we were put up against the number 3 team in the country and we kept them to 1 TD. Our D played a heck of a game, and we have a bright future with our freshman QB. He made a mistake, and he will learn from it.

    As has been my theme in recent years, I blame the coaches, not the players, for the loss last night.
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    Prior made several mistakes and I hope he learns from all of them. But, in saying that, I take nothing away from Penn State. As much as I hate to see Ohio State lose, ever, at this point I hope Penn State runs the table and gets a shot at the national championship. Then I hope they kick the crap out of whom ever they may play. It's been a while for Jo-Pa and it's about time for him again, and he deserves it. He's about 82 and there are not many fires left in his oven. I hope he gets it this year.

  3. I guess you may have been watching a different game than I was because I would not have said he made "several" mistakes. Once again he completed nearly 65% of his passes along with doing a very effective job of scrambling. If they could have run blocked things would have gone much better. Not to mention they were able to put effective pressure on his without the need to send the house after him leaving their coverage in good shape. Browning was totally outmatched on nearly every pass play. PSU's noseguard for the most part took it to Brewster all game long which was a large part of the reason they could not run up inside. Probably the only play that I would label as a mistake for Pryor was his pass to the end zone on the interception. They had enough time to continue the drive and I think he got a little overanxious. Then again Robo had a step to the corner and had he stuck the ball in the deep corner it probably would have been a TD. I just think the right play in that situation would have been to take off with the ball. They were in a deep zone coverage and he had a lot of room up the sideline and probably could have gotten 15-20 yards. I didn't agree with the announcers' criticism of his run that resulted in the fumble. Granted he did not take enough care with the ball and put it on the ground but they faulted him for bouncing it outside. He got upfield enough to have the first down and the guy that poked the ball loose was the containment. Had he slipped that tackle he would have turned that from a 1 yard first down run in to a big gainer. His fault there was a physical mistake and nothing mental in my mind. Not to put the onus on the defense but it was unfortunate that they were not able to come up with another stop like they had all game long and hold them to a FG. Not being able to make that happen really made the fumble loom large.

    I think Pryor gave them a great chance to win the game from the QB standpoint. When you are not able to run the ball for more than 2 yards per carry then you are going to have problems, especially when that is what your offense is designed around.

    It was a hard fought ball game overall and one that the Bucks often find a way to win. This time it didn't happen. Now hopefully PSU can represent the Big Ten well in the title game.
  4. Again, no blocking for Beanie at the point of attack. The rest of the offense looks improvised. Kudos to the buckeye D for hanging tuff and giving us a chance.
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    Hey , the Bucks didnt drop that far in the polls after all..........Isnt there ten teams that get BCS bowl game berths? Ohio State needs to win the 3 remaining games and we could land in a great bowl game. There will be a loss above us in the next month. Probably more..........

    Tressel should be reminding them that by winning out, they can still play in one of the 5 major bowl games.
  6. Definitely more. Georgia and Florida play each other - there's 1. Texas Tech and Texas play each other - there's 2. Bama won't go undefeated with LSU in LSU. Plus you have conference title games in the SEC and Big 12, so you're looking at the winner of this week's Georgia/Florida tilt probably playing Bama in the SEC and the winner of Texas/Texas Tech will likely face Mizzou in the Big 12 title game. There are plenty of losses still to come, but hopefully for the sake of Buckeye fans, one of those losses isn't another one to Illinois. The potential exists for a USC/OSU rematch in the Rose Bowl. As a fan of neither team, I'd love to see what OSU can do with Beanie and Pryor against the Trojans. It'd be an entirely different game.
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    BKR, I didn't mean to strike such a nerve. I think Pryor is a fantastic talent and I'm quite pleased that we have him and that he is starting as a freshman. That being said I still believe that he made mistakes. When I said "several" I didn't mean 'hundreds' and I never claimed that he was the cause for the loss. I do believe that he has a tendency to do some things with regularity that he needs to improve on. One thing is quit holding the ball so long in the pocket. On pass plays he needs to think pass and pass only. Drop back and pass the ball as the play is designed. To long in the pocket and the routes break down and the advantage goes to the defender in their coverage. Another is to throw the ball where the receiver is going, not where they are at. He did complete 64% of his passes but, you have to admit, about 50% of those were better catches than passes. Too many times the receivers have to stop to catch a ball or stop and jump with a defender for the ball. On a couple third down plays Saturday he had 3-5 step drops and a quick release to a receiver in stride that was perfect. He needs to include more of those in-stride completion plays in his arsenal.
    Before the haters assult me for critizing him I do realize he is a Freshman. He is, however, the starting quarterback for one of the all time top ranked college programs in the country. A lot is expected.
  8. You didn't strike a nerve here.;) I just was ready to make a comment on how the announcers were overly critical of his play and your comments seem to fit the subject.:p

    I agree that he has had bad tendencies to do some of the things you mentioned but I felt like he did a much better job in this game in those areas. He did throw the ball away at least once on Saturday night to avoid the sack and that may be the only one I saw him throw all year so far. I also didn't feel like he held it in the pocket nearly at much Saturday night as he had been guilty of in recent games. I don't think he had to many balls with receivers needing to bail him out. I know he had at least one on a jump ball type pass which he actually underthrew just a bit. I don't agree that he needs to approach a passing play as a passing play only. One of the biggest threats that you can put on a defender in intermediate coverage is to force them to not only cover receivers but come up and stop the QB on a scramble. He is a huge threat when he gets out of the pocket. Simply the chance of that happening will alter the defense's approach entirely. Understanding the balance between the two areas of his game is where experience will show. He has a confidence and maturity level beyond his years. I like his approach to the game. He is a real competitor. I hope that the coaches do not criticize him for the move he made on the fumble play because he was simply creating something in the situation. He was so close to busting that play big. It was just unfortunate that he put the ball on the ground. But the fact that he did fumble should not be tied to that particular choice as he could have had the ball stripped and any part of the game. It just so happened to be on that play.

    I am pretty sure the announcers would have been raving about his and his choice to bounce it outside had he busted that for a huge gain.;)
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    Quote; I don't agree that he needs to approach a passing play as a passing play only. One of the biggest threats that you can put on a defender in intermediate coverage is to force them to not only cover receivers but come up and stop the QB on a scramble. He is a huge threat when he gets out of the pocket. Simply the chance of that happening will alter the defense's approach entirely.

    Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying he should not run. I just want him to forget about it for the first three seconds of each called passing play. Then if he has to.....GO!;) I believe that every time he takes a snap he is well aware that he can run. And that thought is stuck right there, in his head, next to the thought of the pass play that was called. There is no room in an effective quarterback's head for all that thought in the brief time that a designed pass play is alloted. Too many options too much time. If the designed route fails than look at play call two or RUN! I've long said that the best atheletes can sometimes make the worst quarterbacks. Too many abilities, too many options, too much to think about, in too little time, ie; Michael Vick, Vince Young. They spend too much time thinking about what they can do instead of executing what they should do. Look at Joe Montana and Dan Marino. Neither one of them could out run my 7 year old granddaughter. They were great quarterbacks because they had only two thoughts and two options. Throw this ball or hand the damn thing off. The last thing either of them wanted to do is get caught running with the ball.
    Now Pryor can run, and run well, and he should. All I'm saying is he needs to learn to get that thought out of his head in, at least, the beginning of a called pass play. Reduce the required thought for that brief time to increase his focus on the short amount of time he has to execute a play. And if the play doesn't pan out.....RUN!!!! And by all means hang on to the ball. :)
  10. Not many fit in the category of immobility of Dan Marino and Montana is not one of them.:D He was mobile enough to get out of the pocket to buy time to make a pass. He was not a running threat but was somewhat elusive to the pass rushers themselves. Dan Marino was certainly not. I would add Dan Fouts to the Marino category. All great throwing QB's no doubt.

    My how we have digressed.:p

    At least we do agree that the future looks bright with Pryor at the helm with the Bucks.;)
  11. I don't believe Pryor is thinking 'run' in those first 3 seconds. He just has a bad habit of staring down his primary receiver until its too late. That's just inexperience and many believe he'll play his way out of it.

    It really is hard to imagine what Pryor's been asked to step up and do this season. Especially when so much time was spent grooming Boeckman to lead OSU to the promised land.
  12. The reason Beanie kept getting nailed at the line was that PSU stacked 8-9 in the I don't blame the O-line for that...not enough blockers for the amount of defenders. But...Browning got abused...

    It's not a big secret when the Bucks are gonna run...for cripes sake most armchair QB's can predict it with 75% accuracy.

    Play action...please...and hit the TE over the middle for 15 every damn time until those LB's start to respect it....THEN Beanie will rumble...

    If you watch the attention to the very few times that OSU ran play-action with Beanie...the entire PSU Defense bit...every time.

    I'd be happy with three more wins (especially a BIG butt-kicking to Illinois) and a decent bowl game.