giving up on gmr saugeye

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by chrsvic, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Ive just about given up on Great Miami River saugeye. I've fished the dam in Troy, the dam in Piqua, the railroad trestle, and an undisclosed location ive done well at before. I've drowned minnows in deep holes and cast my arm off. Saw a guy catch one well over 3 lbs on Saturday, but ive struck out.

    Fish seem to be active - ive seen fish splash about (other species no doubt) but im not getting bites from anything. One thing i haven't tried is further north - the outdoor writer in our paper mentioned trying places on the river closer to Indian Lake - the fish wash out of the spillway, and you can encounter them just about anyplace, if you are lucky. (you also can get pike up this way.)

    Any ideas? I could give up and fish the Mad for trout - if they aren't biting, you can usually catch enough creek chubs to keep it interesting!
  2. I've just about given up myself. I haven't done very well since December. I think it's mostly because of the water temperature and high level. I'll keep you posted. I'll fish the GMR as soon as it comes back down. In my experience once winter hits GMR saugeyes and white bass seem to disappear.

  3. I've caught northern in the GMR in downtown Dayton, so they're downstream quite a bit from Indian. None this year, but did catch them last winter. I've struck out both times I've fished the GMR after putting the boat up. A buddy caught some smallmouth before the rainy season started this week. Water is about a foot higher and a bunch dirtier now. Maybe after the weather settles for a week. Good luck.
  4. i think as soon as the river settles down a lil bit nd clears up places like troy nd the trestle will be sure to produce fish
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    i'm wonderin whats up with the fish too. ivé been out a handful of time and only have 6 seyes to show for it, this time last year i prolly hand 6x that many fish. i guess i'll have to wait for the water to come back down and give it another shot.
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    Chrsvic - Don't give up, they are there but water conditions have not been real good. Caught 2 decent size saugeye a couple of weeks ago just as sun was going down. Good Luck!