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  1. first off, i do love my job. i work for a company that has over 300 branches in the usa. during the course of the day i spend anywhere from 10-40% of my time dealing with problems. some are our fault, most are the customers. anyway, there is a hotline for our customers to call at corporate. they log the calls and pass them thru the channels down to the branch. it is amazing how 90% of these calls are negative petty crap mixed in with a stray attaboy. we received 1 from corporate the other day. a customer who spent 95% of his money in parma went all the way to the top to complain that he didn't get a christmas present from the canton branch. if they only knew all the hoops we jump through to pull that rabbit out of our butts and bail out the customer. i dont think we've quite reached cabelas level of satisfaction, but we are close. i believe that if someone really does an outstanding job for you, they should receive a little praise to their higher ups. if they are terrible-tell everyone too.

    today i ran for lunch to wendys on w tusc. in canton. hit the drive thu, had a massive order. asked for no mustard on my 2 burgers, as the screen reflected. got to the window (1 guy requested i bring 2 bbq sauce back) and asked for them. the chick gave me 1. when she went back for a second, a guy who i assumed was the manager (and turned out to be) asked her why. then he asked me why. i explained that someone wanted them for the chicken sandwiches, and he gave it to me.

    get back to the branch and walked into another "emergency". i put that fire out and eventually divied up the food. starving, i bite into my double cheeseburger. mmmmm, mustard. now i'm starving, dying from mustard poisoning, and i cant leave to find anything edible. so i called wendys. i asked for the manager and told him i was the guy that asked for 2 bbq sauces. i explained my delima to him. less than 10 minutes later he was at my work with 2 fresh mustard free burgers. that man gets the thumbs up award. i just gave him accolades at wendys corp office, and thought i'd spread it here too. have you ever dreamed of a fastfood joint coming to you to fix their screw-up?

    when was the last time someone went out of their way to make sure you were satisfied? did you let their boss know?
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    man you know thats awsome.. i could only wish to get service like that... i usually dont bother callin or goin back in ..good to hear you got some good service though..

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    Man, sure is good. Give WENDY's a hand, (insert bad joke here:) OR A FINGER! (Ha, Ha, Ha, I'm so funny)
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    Thanks for sharing that discgolfer. Its a great story and a credit to that manager. ;) At least we know that at that place the customer still comes first. :cool:
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    Do they deliver to Cincinnati ? I'd like a single with cheese, mustard, onion and pickle please.
    Man, that's a great manager they have there, and you might even call him & tell them how all your cyber fishing pals think so too. :rolleyes:
  6. Thats was cool... Maybe you should call the local TV station too...
  7. sorry clyde, but it's not quite tv newsworthy.

    the guy took care of me and i just wanted to spread the word. more of us should do that!
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    Mc Donalds once messed up my wifes order and she called them and they brought the right stuff to her and I believe they asked and brought a complimentary sunday of some sort. You don't see it often but when ya do it is great.