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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by EYE1, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. EYE1


    Anyone know the going price for dry roots.
  2. Field cultivated or Asian, Chinese and Korean ginseng have been declining in recent years due to oversupply and is now in the range of approximately $12 to $20 per pound for dried root.

    Wild ginseng has always been significantly higher and in some situations may approach $300 per pound or more for full hands completely intact. Wild American ginseng is sorted into at least 40 different grades, based on root shape, color, taste, and age. 30 year old wild ginseng can sell for as much as $ 600 per pound

  3. do you know a site with pictures and more info ?
  4. bttmline

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    hey guys
    sang right now is $80.00 a green pound, that would be $320.00 a dry pound. a suggestion i have is to dry your own roots. ginseng will dry 3.5 wet to make a pound of dry depending on size, most buyers will buy on a four to one ratio. i bought sang for many years back when i also bought fur and can tell you do not let any buyer sort your roots, he may give some crazy price like $600 for a handful then slam you saying your other roots are inferior. thats crab, the oriental buyers don't grade that hard. now there are different types as mentioned by froggy, cultivated, woodsgrown, and wild. let me know where you are located and i'll try to hook you up with a buyer that will treat you right. heck i have been thinking of buying again myself.
  5. If I recall, my grandparents used to take whatever they found as well as my dad and my finds for the year to Kentucky, they knew a place that usually paid around $500 a dry pound. I don't know where the place was though. I was thinking about building some raised beds in my backyard and putting shade screens over it to plant some, hopefully nobody in this town even knows what it is and would leave it alone.
  6. Back in my younger days I would grow and sell.........Wait thats a different topic........... LIKE I SAID I AM KIDDING. I AM NOT A USER OR DEALER.....Rich