Gilling Today Slayed 50 Keepers!

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    [pm for location] Got out today at about 2:00. It was a beautiful day and very warm. There was about 4inches of ice. Anyways as soon as we got there-BAM got onto the gills started off fast and never slowed down! It was only about 4ft. deep but we were in the weeds. Tear drops with a waxie was the hop tip. Ended up pulling in 50 keeper gills averaging about 7inches! They all were about 6in to 8in. Today I also caught my PB pumpkin seed It is a little over 8in. but fatter than fat!!!!! Will get it on the scale and let you know the weight. Caught about 10 eight plus inches today. 5 were pumpkin seeds. Talked to some nice fellow fisherman they were getting some perch on small buckshots and such. All together it was a great day out there and couldnt of been better! Check out the pics and video that are soon to come!
    All 50 gills-What a day!
    Do ya think it was fat enough :B: my PB [click link]
    more pics and video here
  2. Way to go. Nice looking pic. Some fine eating you have there.

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    Looks like you ended the 2008 ice season in good fashion. Liked the vid....did you make your dad catch all the little one LOL.

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    awesome! i agree, yesterday was probably my best day of the season.
  5. I can tell you wern't at Mogadore!
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    Actually I caught 5 8inch+ pumpkin seeds and one normal gill over 8 he only caught 1 gill over 8 so yea I could agree LOL :D We prolly caught 200 throwbacks and yes they were good eating!
  7. Hay...North South Ohio Fisherman.... Cong. on a great day on the ice looks like you had a day you won't forget for a long while......If the ice season ends today you can say you ended it in great fashion.....Again great job...
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    Great job man......that kind of a day,will seem even better in your life, as the years roll bye....... I've been ice fishin for 50 years and just to look at the smile on your totally "priceless", do me a favor..... Dig that pic. out in (say) 30 years and remember back to how you felt on that day.....I wish you a long life of just that kind of memory making days .....Jon Sr.
  9. The best part about the photo, was the smile and the life jacket. First and last ice can be iffy...