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Giant Eagle gas anyone?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NickRummy, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Does anyone else us Giant Eagle gas? I just started using it in my truck about 2-3 weeks ago. No complaints so far. We started grocery shopping there and the fuel perks is pretty sweet. Saved .60 cents on a gallon filling up. Not a bad savings on 20 gallons of gas.

    Spent some coin again there last night and we're up to .50 cents savings on a gallon. We're hoping to be closed on a house this week and planning on buying paints and supplies from home depot. Apparently you can get a home depot gift card at GE and that counts towards fuel perks. $200 home depot gift card for .40 cents off a gallon.

    My plan is, get at least $1.50 off a gallon , wait until gas is a tolerable price then hook the boat up and head to the local Get-Go to fill up the truck and boat. Think they'll give me any grief doing that? Truck will take 19 gallons and the boat will take 18 gallons if they are both low..... Save myself $55.50 if I fill up both with $1.50 off a gallon.
  2. I use it aswell ever since they started the fuel perks. I have had no problems.
    Did you know if you start to get your meds there you will get a 1.00 off gas but only the frist time use use them

  3. $1.00 off a gallon or just off a total sale? If its off a gallon then I might have to get sick!!!!
  4. It's off a gallon so it's a great deal .
  5. We've been buying it for a while. They'll give you up to 30 gal. then the pump shuts off. I'll fill the suv and bring gas cans for the tractor to get my 30 gallons
    We bought a tv at Best Buy for Chritsmas. I stopped at the Eagle and bought $1000 worth of Best Buy gift cards. Including the discount already saved we had $4 off a gal.
    That was fun.
  6. HockingEscape

    HockingEscape AKA RXDAWG44

    Feeding a family of 9, I rarely pay more than $2 a gallon. I buy the best buy cards to. They now have american express gift cards. You can use those anywhere.
  7. It is a great deal until you consider how much more it costs to shop for groceries than Kroger or Super Walmart. Prices @ Giant Eagle are VERY high.
    Except for a few special promos like the home depot gift card deal mentioned above, the gas discount that you get is dependant upon how much $ u spend on groceries.
  8. The only other local place we have to shop is Acme and that is where we used to shop. Normal prices are a bit higher but we watch and get things on sale. Their sale prices are comparable to Acme's sale prices in my opinion.
  9. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Dkilla nailed it. My father works in the grocery industry (Dir of Marketing for a large chain) and stated the the same thing...Prices are higher to compensate, and people end up buying things they don't need to get the added fuel perk. If you look at how much you spend at GE to get .10 off ($40) the avg tank prolly being 15 gals...$1.50 off a full tank of gas, when you could save 2-3x that on your grocery bill shopping elsewhere.

    Program works like a charm if you work for GE ;)
  10. HockingEscape

    HockingEscape AKA RXDAWG44

    So go to Giant Eagle, buy American Express gift cards, use the gift cards for groceries at Super Wal Mart. Not so hard.
  11. Thats my problem. I can shop at Acme or GE. Thats it.
  12. I don't have time to be that cheap. :p
  13. cheezemm2

    cheezemm2 Ohio State Alumni 05'

    Akron has some cheap stuff....

    Ex assistant manager for Save-A-Lot.....I'm able to find all my staples for food there, and pick up speciality items elsewhere (on sale). Knowing the actual margins when I pick up a box of generic bisquick and pay $1.19 vs $3-4elsewhere is glorious. If you're not too picky you can be cheap.

    For myself and the little lady, I can't tell you the last time I've spent over $225 for one month's worth of food.

    Deep Discount places like Marc's/Save-A-Lot...just avoid the beginning of the month as these places make most of their money off of foodstamps and social security, which come out at that time. A safe bet to avoid crowds is to go after the 10th. It gets ridiculously busy and many things are being stocked real time to keep it on the shelves...

    P.S. If you can shop on a Tuesday/Wednesday night past 7pm do it, as these are the slowest times for grocery.

    P.S.S. Make a list and stick to'll be surprised how much all those condiments that would look really good on that bratwurst add up to:C
  14. Time for me to chime in. I am an investigator at Giant Eagle, and yes, some of our prices are high, but they have come way down and for the most part, can rival walmarts. They do have great sales. I get no discounts on the groceries that I buy, but since the fuelperks, I have either paid half price or not at all for gas. My boat has a 23 gallon tank, and the SUV has a 13 gallon tank, and twice in the past two months the gas was free. All of my Christmas purchases was done with gift cards, and if you live in an area that has the 20 cent fuelperks, you save a ton on gas. Large purchases are done with gift cards. When I fill the SUV up, and I don't fill the boat, I have three 6 gallon tanks that I fill up. To me, during the over $3.00 a gallon, I never paid the $3. Now, I do see some points though, if you do not do a lot of grocery shopping, where the Marc's and Sav a lots, your grocery bill would be lower than shopping Giant Eagle. My dad sometimes uses GE, but he sticks to Acme and sav a lot, and his weekly grocery bill is very low, and since he doesn't drive a lot, he is not worried about the savings on the gas. I guess you have to weigh the difference out and your shopping habits. I am not here promoting GE, but if you shop wisely, you can come out ahead when using the fuelperks.

  15. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I don't think that prices are any higher at GE than any other grocery store (except maybe the Save a Lots and such)

    I quit shopping at Acme after I noticed that they leave a lot of items on the shelves that were passed their 'sell by' date. I even brought a package of buns home once, and noticed that half of one of them had been eaten by a mouse (he chewed right through the bag). I'll never shop at Acme again.

    I have two Ginat Eagles near me, so I do all of my shopping there. I rarely cash in on the fuel perks.

    On another note, I heard a rumor that Giant Eagle is doing away with the fuel perks program.
  16. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Whoever brought up the Home Depot gift card deal @ GE, thanks! Purchasing my new countertops from HD, so I plan on taking advantage of that.
  17. Titanium Reel

    Titanium Reel Banned

    I would, but Giant Eagle has higher prices than Meijer and Kroger, so while the gas is cheaper, the price you pay for the food more than makes up for the cash you saved on the gas. Not to mention how far away the closest Giant Eagle is to me. I will stick with Meijer and their cheaper prices and just pay normal price for my gas, thanks.
  18. HockingEscape

    HockingEscape AKA RXDAWG44

    I have 7 kids. I have to.
  19. Keep an eye out for commercials. They are actually advertising people to do this. Check out all the gift cards.......|-3050674193487081974/-1408214166/5/7005/7005/7002/7002/-1|-8296544114809328942/-1408214167/5/7005/7005/7002/7002/-1|-3050674193487070399