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Ghosts, got a story?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LakeRaider, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Anybody here delt with this issue? Got a close friend who lives in a very old house and swears the original owner is still making his presence known. Things knocked over in his fridge in the middle of the nite, sounds of somebody walking about at nite, a window in an unused bedroom opening from time to time. Lets hear your storys! :eek: LakeRaider
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  2. catking

    catking Banned

    One subject I will not comment on . Way too frighting :eek: Hey, I gotta live with them still :eek: ................. DA KING !!! :cool:

  3. Sometimes my bathroom door will move back and forth, and no its not the wind because it takes a lot of force to shut it. And one time I was up stairs and I heard someone walking around in my atic. Also one time when my dad was walking out the front door a glass vase slid off a stand and busted on his head. So yes my house has plenty of ghosts. Oh yeah, one time when I was lying in bed and all the lights were off and I seen these flashes of lightning going across the walls. ohio bass
  4. First off, let me say that this is a sticky subject. Some people beleave and others don't, so here goes, you decide. Back in 82 I was going to Hocking Tec. In the first quarter I took a class on tree identifaction, the teacher of the class told a story about a section of train tracks that was near Nelsonville that had a ghost. As the story goes a train conductor was drunk and was hit buy a train ( Just a little background ). Doing as students do a few of us decided to check it out. We went out for about a week and on the last night we were having a good time talking about what we were going to do when we saw it. We had been out there for about four hours, one of the guys had quite a few barley pops (beer) and was in bad shape. I did not drink that night. I had decided to call it a night and that this was a bunch of crap, so we were getting ready to leave and the drunk guy smacks me and pionts at the tracks. At that point he was white as a sheet, I look where he was pointing and I see this guy walking down the tracks, he went about ten feet and then he was gone. There were no clouds in the sky and the moon was bright so we had a good view of everything. He was wearing old style clothing and looked as solid an a rock. Drunk guy was no longer drunk, they told me that my hair was standing straight out from my head, and the third guy was yelling at me to get us out of there. We left there at a fast pace, it's a wonder we did not crash. Did we see a ghost, was our minds playing tricks on us? I dont know. But from that point on I have done a lot of research on the subject, there are a lot of things that you can't explain. YOU DECIDE.
  5. I have seen a couple relatives that are long gone...
    Thats as far as I am going with it... Makes my hair stand on end...
  6. One time thare was this smell in my room,and I got scared and put my head under
    my blanket.The next thing I new it got worse!!!!!!!Then after awile the smell went
    away.Sorry theres no camp fire.

    ps. read the bible, if you want a good gost story.
  7. What are you saying Fishgut? You farted while laying in bed and then put your head under the covers and the smell got worse? And thats a ghost? If I farted and it stunk and then I stuck my head in my underwear, I would expect the smell to be worse. There is nothing extra-terrestrial about that except being stupid or just liking the smell of your own queefs.

    I haven't had any personal experience with ghosts but I have heard way too many stories from credible people about very abnormal experiences that would suggest activity of the para-normal in the form of poltergeists.
  8. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i sometimes find food and beer mysteriously disappearing from my fridge and has just started happening in the last several months.i am almost convinced that there were hungry,drunk "spirits" residing here,and am giving serious thought to moving,to get away from them.
    the strange part is that these mysterious occurances began about the time my stepson moved back to town,and i only notice the "disappearances" after he's been to my house :confused: :confused: :rolleyes:
  9. Yeah Rick, that is interesting. I too find a lot of beer and cookies missing from my house. Matter fact, I believe I'll be stopping on the way home from this temp job tonight to replace that six pack of Miller Lite pounders that recently disappeared. My wife finds the cans in the bottom of the trash can hidden under a bunch of trash but she hasn't been able to find the missing beer :cool:

    I just know that six pack will disappear tonight after my wife goes to bed at 8:00. :rolleyes: I know of no solution other than to keep my refridgerator stalked with beer until I can figure out who/what has been taking it. ;)
  10. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    When I was 16 I worked at The Inn on the River right outside of Zoar. Anyone that knows this area will prob know where I am talking. You might even know the story about the ghost. I don't remember all the details aboutt he ghost, but I had my own experience. My aunt also worked there then and when she would be in there early alone to set up the tables, she would be setting one table and the silverware on a table behind her would move. She would tell the ghost (George) to stop it because she had to get the place ready for customers. Then it would stop. Her daughter (my cousin) woudl sometimes be in there with her and would sit and talk with George in the other room. She was pretty young at the time and did not know the story about the ghost, but she would tell her mom she would sit and talk with George. Well, to get to my scare. I would kind of be the chef's little slave if you will. I would have to go to the cooler to make salads, or go up stairs to get canned good in the dry closet. on occasion, I would also have to go upstairs to get things from the linen closet. At that time the upstairs was used for small banquet dinners, or large families having dinner together. Hardly used while I was there. The one set of stairs led to a long narrow hallway. Part way down this hall on the right was the linen closet. directly across from it was the men's restroom with the women's beside it. After you went past the linen closet, there was a doorway that went into the banquet room and the door for the dry closet was there. Well just about everytime I was in the dry closet, I would hear footsteps outside the door. The door would always close behind you, so it would freak me out to hear something outside the door. I would open the door and nobody was there. One other time, the light went out while I was in there. I freaked and bolted for the door and around the corner and downstairs. All the other lights were fine. Later on when I got up enough nerve to go back up, I went into the room and opened the door and sure enough the light was on. Here is the humdinger. I had to go up to the linen closet to get a tablecloth or something. there was nobody else upstairs and the only light on was in the hall where the closet is at. the restroom doors across from it were closed. Well when I was leaning into the closet, the men's door directly behind me opened and slammed shut. It scared the crap out of me obviously. I bolted for the steps. Now I know someone can think oh it was the wind or something like that. The only thing wrong with that is that the doors had springs on them that made the shut like a screen door would. When there were others up there getting ready for a banquet, I had to clean the restrooms. Well, that door did not easily open, so whatever it was that opened it and let it slam shut beats me.

    Do I believe in ghosts though??? Not necessarily. Just because I have not seen one. there has to be something though! ;) :eek:

    Sorry such a long story! :)
  11. I live in an old house, built in 1855, that now is my home. Past residents have said that there are gost here. I am simple, one is going to have to set down with me and tell me where money is hidden in the walls before I start believing. Sorry, I have been around death for 18years and I just dont have any experiences and without that I don't believe. Besides, I certainly believe that what is next is better than this and I will not want to come back and see you guys :D . I hope there is a honey hole for each of us on the other side. :)
  12. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Raider here. So there is money? somewhere? in the walls? OK I have a dear friend who is a master carpenter (aka da'king) and we specialize in finding monies! When can we come over and help you find the riches? LOL :p :D Raider
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  13. Raider you would be amazed at the stuff found in these walls and floors. No money or old bonds, darn :mad: Hey it is fun looking though.