Getting together my post-tax return list:

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  1. I wanted to get some things that I thought would be sturdy, reliable and long here is what I came up with so far, tell me your opinions if you or someone you know has used any of the following:

    As mentioned in other posts........two penn live liners(4600) and two Warrior XT's 2.75tc.

    Now, I was looking through wacker's live selection.......I'm a Excalibur Silver thread guy......but they have this McCoy "Mean Green" co-polymer......I liked the color and price.....I've noticed when the sun is high......I can't see my line.

    NeSVic pod.......pricy item.....but I like the fact that is fits in a case and is compact and very adjustable. Regular ball rests and Micron MX alarms.

    Okay.....opening the advice door... :)
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    The rod & reel combos...perfect!
    McCoy mean green....AWSOME line and is tied for my #1 pick of lines!!

    NeSVic pod...well i know AK has seen it in person, i have not and dont know anyone who owns one...truthfully buy a Fox Horizon pod like Ak's..or a Fox Quattro pod like mine(they both fold up and mine comes with a NICE case).....MUCH cheaper than the NeSVic pod. IF you want to spend that much "cheese" on a pod, might i recommend the Solar Globtrotter that American Carp Society sells(its full stainless steel)'ll never have to buy another pod..ever!

    As far as alarms...yup the MX alarms are great and i have 3 of them(with protective hard cases)...well i'll only have ONE left after Jake gets 2 of them...hes looking to upgrade from the "cheapy" ebay alarms he owns now.

    We'll have to talk more about gear when we hook up....i bet ya theres a lot of stuff that you have'nt thought about Bite Indicators, catapults, spods, hooks, shelters, headlamps, baitcoolers...oh lots thought catfishing was bad...oh boy you truthfully dont know what you've gotten yourself into...hehe.wink


  3. I've thought about a few of those other things, but I'd much rather see them in person.

    Are swingers those things the keep your line tight if the fish comes towards you? I don't have a problem spending some green on a long as it is the last one I buy. I'd rather spend money once than several times. I'll check out that stainless one you mentioned.

    I'll save the shelters and other such things for once I get better patterns and feeding habits down......that way it warrants me staying out all night/weekend..........after all.........I'm still getting boilies figured out....I figured that having the basics(stuff I mentioned in first post) would be a great starting point.

    They sure did a good job of selling me that line on the wacker site.......i'll give a couple smaller spools a shot and then decide between excal and M.G.


    You did good to ditch the Nesvic pod,it really
    is crap!
  5. The more I look at that pod.......I dunno......just having all four legs coming from the center......I'd rather have two legs on each end. Prob just save some cash and go with the horizon.
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    good choice.. if anything, get a couple of longer banksticks and a couple of the cupped end caps to make your rods stands up almost vertically.. :)
    and trust me on this, once you get there, your eyes will wonder at all the other stuff hanging.. :D i always end up spending more time/money there..