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  1. Looking for any suggestions to fish an extremley weedy lake. I was at Kendall this past weekend and even my weedless hooks were filled with cabbage. I tried a top water frog to no avail. I couldn't get the buzz bait to to buzz. Looking for any help anyone can offer on how they deal with the summage salad.
  2. I would use a heavy jig to get down in the weeds. or use a worm or samll jig and jig drop it in the pockets

  3. You May Also Want To Try A Weightless Senko, The 5inch Version Will Stay On Top Better And Grab Less Grass. Just Work It Across The Top And Let It Fall Into Any Holes You Come Across.
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    I like the weedless hollow plastic zara spook made by MANN'S Bait co.
    the GHOST works thru and around everything i have ever put it thru.

    heavy weight texas rigged soft plastics
  5. Try the Yum buzz frogs. You still get the gurgling of a buzzbait and it's weedless. Just hold your rod up to keep your frog's head up above the weeds. Also when you rig the frog tex-posed, after you push the hook through, push the hook point into the the back of the frog. You'll hook up with alot more fish and alot less weeds.
  6. Try fishing vertically instead of horizontally. Flip a texas rigged worm or jig into small openings in the weeds...jig it a few times. If no bite...pull it out and try the next hole in the weeds.

    I've caught alot of :B this way.
  7. Thank you everyone some very good advice. I figured asking for help and liestening to advice was a little more sane than just cursing at the water. Thank you again.
  8. I was using a texas rigged yumdinger last week and caught a nice 13" crappie in one of the weed pockets at kendall. I finally found the finesse i needed to keep my bait weedless, but it was hard to hook into a fish without the hook exposed. Just need to get the feel of the fish biting I guess and reaction to setting the hook!
    Just keep using softbaits with weedless rigging and that will work, and like they said just keep trying different weed pockets and youl'll hook up! That lake has some monsters in it! ;)

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Senko's are the bomb for Weeds when Texas Rigged!!!

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    Try your weedless again but like the others are stating try lifting up higher on your pole, most of the top baits are command any bait for that matter I guess.......
    Meaning if you want em to dig then working them in the down motion or vertical will dig for ya, keep em up and work it as if the thing was real and didnt want in the weeds itself.