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Getting ready.....

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Salmonid, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. for the fall salmon runs up in Michigan, anyone else ever head up and fish these? I been going off and on for about 10 years now, best fun a 7 wt could ever provide!! I enjoy the late season fish that have to be nymphed with 6 lb tippet, I love challenges! The funny part is when we go, we go durring when the Dayton club, ( MVFF) goes up and every year these guys are breaking there 9 or 10 wt rods, it just amazes me that every year the same 2-3 guys break there rods...( Hint) maybe they should learn how to fight big fish.... :) Instead they bring a bigger heavier rod each year. Some are using 11 wts now.

    6 weeks and counting down....

  2. Salmonid Instead they bring a bigger heavier rod each year. Some are using 11 wts now....

    Well that funny.. I like watching guys like that wrestle a I'm going to miss my Salmon Trip this year with the boys, but I'll be in NY plenty this fall before she ices over, and after she ices out "I'll have a seat open"... I got a 25# steelhead up there with my name on it! I really enjoy the guys that say you need salmon hooks to land these fish! O shure you need a strong hook 2-3X heavy, and sharp other than that keep it reel! Well good luck you fishing above "Geographically" the big man? I have enjopyed trout fishing up there during that time .. lol...

  3. So you guys don't think I'll be under gunned with a 7 wt ? I was thinking of getting a 8-9 wt. By the way, what is your reel of choice for salmon/steelhead?
  4. can land salmon on a seven wt no very pretty but you can do it! Reel any one of them with a good drag, unless you like palming your reels!
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