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    my nephew is a senior in college but never really tried on grades till this year. he has a pretty bad cumulative gpa of 2.3 and a gpa of 3.1 now. he has two 9 week grading period left until the end of the high school school year. he is a great baseball player and wants to go for to college for ball. what should he do to "up" his chances of getting into a school like hiram or slippery rock university of pennsylvania? any help would be great, thanks
  2. I don't know anything about the two schools you mentioned, however THis is what I would do. Send him to a good 2 year community college that has transfer agreements with 4 year universities. Sinclair College in dayton has agreements so that after two years at sinclair you can transfer to any school in ohio and only have two more years to obtain your bachelors. Some 2 year schools also have ball teams that he can play for. Finally the cost to go this route is considerably cheaper. For example not only did I pay about 90% less per credit hour for my first two years at SCC. most 4 year universities have tuition breaks for transferring juniors.

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    lots of community service and volunteering helps.
  4. How did he do on the ACT or SAT?
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    he got a 22 on the act the first time he took it i believe but i guess he is taking it again
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    Not sure the requirements for the schools you mentioned but yeah he should take the ACT again. Many times if you have a low GPA and high ACT score or high GPA and low ACT you can work your way in but not both. 22 is not horrible but it's not going to go a long way in turning heads at the admission desk. Also it would help if he took some college prep level course in highschool so if he still has some classes to take thats something to look into.
  7. Sounds like the classic Kent State Univarsity student to me!

    I got in with similar situation- minus the sports. Been awhile though. I had to take (pay for) two specific courses contingent for the second year though- I actually learned how to study from those courses though...

    MUCH cheeper than the two you mentioned!!!

    Go flashes!!!

  8. "wants to go for to college for ball"

    Might help if everyone involved does a reality check.

    If he is a senior in high school......and has not been recruited by any college "for ball"....that part is very unlikely.

    His best future is most likely in getting a good college education. Lots of people spend 6-7 years getting thru college because they work 30-50 hours a week to pay as they go.

    No one can get your nephew into college. Only he can do that.

    Lets go fishin. Good luck. Be safe out there.
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    I agree with Bobinstow. If he's not yet been recruited, he won't be, and he should go for the education and try to walk on the ball team. There are a number of atheletes in pro sports today that were walk-ons in college. As for GPA, my second oldest daughter gratuated HS with a 2.8. She was one of those kids that was smart but had to work hard for a decent grade, better in application than academics. She went to Akron, worked VERY hard, and got an engineering degree. Same as HS graduated no where top of her class. She still was recruited by several Construction Companies and took an offer and works today for a huge GC in Las Vegas. So with a low to moderate GPA it can happen. Good Luck.
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    If your nephew has a GPA, is let's say around a 2.5 with a 22 ACT he may get into both Slippery Rock and Hiram. Although he may have to go through an appeal process. He will pay for it. The Rock is a DII and will have limited athletic scholarships, your nephew would still be paying out of state tuition. Hiram is private and I would guess about 30,000 a year sticker price. A 2.5 will not by a whole lot of academic scholarship. There are a lot of options out there, do some homework and have him send out his baseball resume. I wish him the best of luck.
  11. All of the major universities in Ohio, Miami, OU, UC, Kent, OSU, etc have branches that are much cheaper and accept students to the main campus after showing success at the branch school. At Miami, I think you need 30 semester hours at MUM or MUH to get into the Oxford campus. Some of the other schools are quarters so there requirements would be different.

    P.S. I think most of these branches have B-ball teams.
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    thanks a lot for all the replies ill let em know about some of the things that were brought up!
  13. It sounds as if he's located in NE Ohio. If that's the case, Lakeland CC and Lorain CC both offer baseball(with pretty good coaches). Additionally, they're relatively inexpensive.
  14. I'm not sure how good he is in baseball, but if he's not one of the best players on his high school team he probably doesn't have a chance to play college ball. He might want to go to a community college first.
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    A big balance in the checking account/college fund doesn't hurt. I paid over $17K for my son to attend Akron this year majoring in Electrical Engineering.

    He scored a 24 on his ACT and had a HS GPA of 3.38. He made the Deans list for the first semester at Akron.

    A FAFSA will need completed prior to college entrance to determine how much the family will be resposible for his education.

    There is by far more scholarship money available for good grades than there is for sports but the accum needs to be above 3.50 to be considered for most academic scholarships.
  16. Redneck,
    Hopefully you "saved" your FAFSA work. It needs to be completed every year. I couldn't wait until my son graduated so I didn't have to complete that thing every year. Keep those tax returns handy too since it really doesn't get any easier to fill the FAFSA out. Don't misplace the "pin" number either. Good luck...

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    My wife is a high school counselor. That is her job....getting students into college...I would suggest that he talk to his guidance counselor about his options. They can guide him in the right direction. They also have alot of connections to the universities. Saves alot of time and effort if you get them involved to point him in the best direction.

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    Holy Smokes!!!
    When I attended Akron (Action U:) ). I paid about $868 a semester for 18-21 credit hours.
    I hated that place with a passion.
  19. if he wants to continue playing baseball, he needs to go to winter training, then onto spring training and train train train train, then when it comes time for walk on try outs, he needs to be there and prove that although he wasnt scouted for the team, he would make a great asset, but even with a sports ride it wont cover the full schooling.
  20. I teach at a Community College in Michigan, and I can tell you for sure, that if he is not sure about what he wants to do in him thousands of dollars and have him go to a Comm. College for two years then transfer for the last two. He can live at home while there...saving big $$$.

    He'll have a better shot at making the ball team as well, if he decides he wants to give that a shot.

    I was All Conference in our league and didn't get a sniff from anyone that offered any money in the form of a scholarship. I ended up at Bluffton and played 3 years there, but even at that was tougher than most kids see in high school.'s baseball...but still, even at's pretty tough.

    With that GPA...he's gonna have a tough time getting accepted at a private school like Hiram. A 22 on the ACT isn't the end of things, but combine that with his GPA and the colleges will say..."hmm..."

    If he re-takes the is highly probable that he'll score within a point or two either way. Trust me..I took it 4 times and got 24 each time.

    All is not lost my wife scored a 20 on her ACT, and had a sub-3.0 GPA in high school...went to Lorain CCC for a year, did well there...transferred to BG, and is now a school teacher. Guidance Counselor at her school told her..."you might want to think about getting a factory job or something...."

    When she graduated with her degree from BG and received her teaching certificates in the mail, she photo-copied them and hand-delivered them to the Guidance Counselor. I was with her...the look on his face was priceless. He said..."I always knew you could do it if you worked hard..." To which she replied..." didn' told me to get a job in a factory..."

    Whatever he does...he needs to get it in gear. Colleges and Universities are making scholarship and award decisions for Fall 2008 RIGHT NOW....