getting more memory??

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  1. freyedknot

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    what do i need to add more memory to my pc? it is an E machaine model pc?
  2. Open the box and take a look inside to see if you have an open slot for memory, and how many.

    Check to see what memory you currently have, maker, model number, speed. Hopefully you don't have a discontinued or oddball size, like rambus rdram memory. If you have something odd, you might find that a new PC (box) may cost less than memory replacement.

    Check a bulk site like tigerdirect or newegg to see what the going price for memory of your type and speed are selling for. The lowest price is probably for the model that's currently being produced - where you will see lower-sized and higher-sized models costing more.

    Once you know what type is needed and your capacity limitations (number of slots), you can determine the best combination of size and modules for the price.

    If you have the luxury to wait, buying during holiday weekends/promotions can fine much better deals for popular models and sizes.

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    ^ great info, I will add a little for you. I had an old E-machine goto there website and you can put in the # on the front of the computer. You will find this on the sticker that says like T2742. This will let you know the ram type for your computer and tell you what you can max it out with.

    Also listen to steel on looking for ram online. I just put 4k ram in my machine (not an e-machine) and new egg was $40 a stick less than best buy. I have not delt with the other site he mentioned but new egg is a class act, they take returns, ship fast and have great pricing on ram.

    Also VERY IMPORTANT! If you have never installed ram before do not use 2 hands on the ram. Put 1 hand on the case of the puter to ground yourself and use the other to install the ram. I did not know that a long time ago and fried a pc, good news it was under waranty and the geek squad replaced everything but its a simple fix, stay grounded to the pc box and you wont have any problems.
  4. Another tip = unplug your unit at the power supply (back), then push and hold the on/off button for a few seconds. This will push remaining built up electricity from the capacitors. You might notice that the fan(s) turn a bit once the button is pushed with the power unplugged. Also, as mentioned above, stay grounded when touching components and/or the board.

    Use the memory advisor tool on the right. Put in your computer brand, model #, and it will tell you what you need.

    Crucial memory has a lifetime warranty. Even if you don't buy it from Crucial, you can still figureo ut what type you need, and get it elsewhere. Sometimes you can get crucial memory cheaper at than you can at Crucial.
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    Do a search for your emachines model and read the manual.

    Find out how much memory your motherboard can handle in each slot and the memory type.

    If you install the wrong size, your motherboard won't recognize the full amount. Basically, you'll be wasting money.

    If you install the wrong type of RAM, well, it just won't work.

    Once you find the correct type and size or RAM, I would fill it up. If your motherboard supports 2GB, install the full 2GB.

    Good luck.
  7. One easy way to get an idea of what kind of ram your computer currently has is a program called cpu-z (google to find a download). It'll tell you quite a bit of useful info like the cpu type, motherboard and chipset type, ram speed spec and amount etc. The memory finder functions on newegg and are great suggestions as well.
  8. Yes, the Crucial site memory checker is a very easy way to go.
  9. freyedknot

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    thanx, it will take another 256. now what will that do for my system? speed it up?
  10. If adding the memory brings it up to 512M, it will help a little but not much. New applications/websites are expecting that you have more memory. Nowadays, 1gig is probably a low-end memory amount for new applications. Anti-virus applications are a big issue, since they take up quite a bit of memory themselves and are constantly running/monitoring. Add the OS to that, where vista will take the whole 512 if it can. XP isn't as bad, but still utilizes quite a bit of memory.

    Rather than buying the new stick, it might be a time to look around for a new box. You can get some nice units for reasonable prices. Another option is to find one of these folks that require "the latest and fastest" (mostly gamers), since their castoffs are often better than what most folks require.

    I don't know anything about e-machines, but you might be able to replace the motherboard/chip/power supply/memory for a good price if they don't have proprietary cables and motherboard layouts like HP and Dell. and have great deals on motherboard bundles.
  11. freyedknot

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    thanx for all the replies . the e machine is made by gateway.and it was the cheapest pc i could find..$325.00. i will stick with what i have . i thaught more memory would speed it up.
  12. More memory should help things run faster, but its not going to be a dramatic speed boost to your system. When you're ready for a new computer ask around and see if you got a buddy somewhere that can build you one. You can probably get a nice system for what you'd pay for one from a retailer.
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    What type of stick you need, let me know I upgraded an E-machine I have replaced since then if 1 of my 256 sticks will fit I will send ya 1.
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    cool, when I get home tonight I will check what I got for ya :}
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    The ones I had were PC2700 you need DDR PC3200 so I dont think they will fit. Sorry I tried.
  16. freyedknot

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    thanx for the thaught.
  17. PC2700 would fit fine, also probably fine with that Celeron so long as the BIOS auto detected the RAM timings.

    I'll have some extra 512mb sticks of pc3200 in a few days. Be more than willing to hook you up freyedknot, if you still need the memory.
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    Just make sure the memory you are adding matches the memory already in your system as far as clock speed. Unless of course you are removing your old memory and adding all new sticks. Then you will have a range of options depending on what your mobo will support.
  19. His mobo supports PC3200 (DDR 400). If the memory bus speed/timings is set to auto (almost all BIOS are, by default), it will default to the lowest supported speed. PC3200, PC2700, and PC2100 are backwards compatible, they all run at the same voltage. There's no harm in running PC3200 at PC2700 or PC2100 speeds, except you'd be starving the CPU of memory bandwidth...and since he's running an old Celeron, even PC2100 would probably saturate the FSB...(i.e. the memory would be waiting for the CPU)

    And since his mobo only has 2 slots, he'd be replacing the current 256mb stick.