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  1. Friday, Nov 23 Snow at times in the morningLow: 21 °FHigh: 40 °F
    Saturday, Nov 24 Cold with clouds and sunLow: 22 °FHigh: 39 °F
    Sunday, Nov 25 Mainly cloudy and coldLow: 20 °FHigh: 39 °F
    Monday, Nov 26 Mostly cloudy and coldLow: 17 °FHigh: 39 °F
    Tuesday, Nov 27 Mostly cloudy and coldLow: 16 °FHigh: 35 °F
    Wednesday, Nov 28 Cold with clouds and sunshineLow: 15 °FHigh: 33 °F
    Thursday, Nov 29 Mostly cloudy and coldLow: 17 °FHigh: 34 °F

    I know, I know its hard to beleive long range forecasts. But nothing slows down ice production like warm rain right before ice up. Last year it was really cold for a while but because of the water temps the ice took forever to form.
    This forecast might just get the water primed for perfect early ice. Gradually cooling down with no major warm rain events.

    Plus maybe some waters that are usually stained by rain will be clear enough for the camera!

    maybe icing by december 15 or dare I say 8th!!!
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    im really excited too but its tempered by the longer range forecasts. noaa says this winter is going to be warmer than average. due to the strong la nina. i hope theyre wrong!!!!!! they just released new forecast maps today.

  3. Big Joshy, you know I'm with you on the cold but I hope it at least holds out until after shotgun season. I can handle sitting on the ice for hours but for some reason can't while deer hunting.
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  5. Thats a great looking forecast I hope the it brings some ducks down from the north. I hope we are Ice fishin by Dec. 15th
  6. i was just changing the battery in my lowrance lx-68c. i hope the ice fishing is as good as last year. getting excited! ice ice baby!