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Getting discouraged...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by FishingGirl1978, May 27, 2007.

  1. What else can I say? Aside from some good, old-fashioned pure luck, I haven't caught a thing this year. I've only just got back into fishing this year. My father used to take me fishing for muskie at the Branch, but all I would do is fish for bluegill while he trolled. Now, my guy and I have a little jerry-rigged fishing boat and a lot of good gear. We've done our reading, and we're out there trying... But we're just not having any luck. We bring our six-year-old, and we often spend more time keeping him out of the hooks and baiting him than we do with our own lines in the water.

    What am I doing wrong? I've tried a lot of different methods - jigs, rigs, spinners, chatters, and I'm fishing in the weedy shallows, the drop-offs... I really can't tell the difference between a "bite" and a weed hang-up - so I'm setting the hook on every bump and often sending my rig over my husband's head - and he obviously doesn't like that :). What's the best advice you can give to a total novice?? It's a lot of heartbreak.
  2. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    Local bait shops are the best place to get up to date fishing reports and information. Most of them are very happy to set you up with a map and show you the most recent hot spots.

    I would start with a simple live bait, bobber, and split shot method and hit some popular panfish lakes. Or you could go to Mosquito Reservoir, which is known to have a high population of walleyes, and drift a jig and minnow/crawler combination. I'm sure you could hookup with some fish that way.

  3. Alwsfishin

    Alwsfishin '73 24' Stamas

    Hey Girl.....if you want that 6 yr old to get hooked on fishing I'd buy yourself a 12.00 kit from jamminjigs and some waxworms usually easy to find at a pet store, and concentrate on panfishin and save the big lake fishin when he's at a sitter if that works for you.
    I raised 3 boys that way and they were never bored, if nothins happinin you teach them that some days are like that and go home.
    You have the knowledge and ambition, now you just have to get on some fish. I just bought 500 waxies on ebay for 17.00 I live a walk away from Coe lk in Berea. An ultralite w/2lb test set the drag lite and yessss a gill will take line. :)
  4. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    A simple buzzbait or a popper will get you out of that slump.
    They work at mostly all the lakes.
  5. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Good suggestions. I'd combine Hets and Alws myself.

    Jammin Jigs are awesome, and using a slip float will give you some added weight for casting your little lures.
    Right now make it all about your 6 yr. old. Chase panfish.

    What size motor do you have? Do you have a fishfinder aboard?

    Which lakes are you going to?
  6. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    My advice is to slow down. From the little bit of information you gave it sounds as though you may be "going through the motions." Some people read the fishing articles and the fishing reports and get all the gear and they can cast a small jig 100 yards and not catch anything.

    Fish slower. For your 6 year old this might be a little tricky to teach as for them it is often more fun to cast and reel and do the same again. As mentioned before, get some wax worms and fish some shallow weeds for some bluegill. That would be a good place to start. Again, you and your husband should consider slowing your presentation. Try to be more deliberate with what you doing. You can let your jig or rig, sink a little and twitch and stop. Work the bait a little slower and be more deliborate and then I think you'll get more bites and really catch on.

    Just my thoughts on it.

  7. TheSonicMarauder

    TheSonicMarauder Yes i slept on the couch

    well theres yer problem.......... yer fishing west branch...... i havent caught anything from there since i was 6.....and im still pretty sure that that was a fluke in itself ;)

    critter seems to have the right idear though..... most of the time when i find that im not catching anything, i realize that im fishing too fast and as soon as i slow boat starts to take on this fishy odor ;)
  8. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    crittergitter's thoughts are right in line with all that has been said thus far.
    A buzzbait can be worked pretty fast, but a popper and everything associated with the bobber/ livebait suggestions all are talking about the slowest presentations.
    Soaking bait be it minnows, maggots, worms, etc. under bobbers set for the fishes depth is as slow as it gets.
    I agree with that getting the best bite now, but that is fast changing as the water warms up and the fish scattering.
    And remember to look for structure: drop-offs, weed beds, lay-downs, overhanging bushes, lily pads, etc.
  9. I have girls ages 7 and 9. we do blue gill fishing or what ever gets on their line. like mentioned by someone the bigger fishing when you have a sitter. We normally use a bobber with worms or wax worms or minnows. Normally we (the adults) use the minnows and the kids use worms.

    The girls have caught cat fish, bass, blue gill, crappie etc on a bobber and worms.
  10. : ) Everyone is always so helpful and nice on this forum.

    You guys are right about the bluegill fishing. If Jake's at a dock where he can look down, he does pretty well bringing in what he calls "puppyfish" (tiny bluegills :)). We went to Mogadore Pier yesterday and he had no luck. They were nipping the maggots off his hook, but he couldn't get anything in. The little girl down the way was catching them left and right - so maybe his hook was dulled from so much action last week. I got him some little trebles today, and we'll probably take him out tonight. He LOVES to fish.

    As for me... You're probably right. I (we, if you include my guy) need to slow things down. I didn't know a popper was a "slow fishing" lure. Here I've been reeling that thing in as fast as it was cast out. Goes to show I've got a lot yet to learn. And yes, I'm guilty of arming myself with tons of knowledge but not catching a thing. Bassing is harder than I ever thought it could be.

    We went to Mog when it was just the two of us a couple weeks back and had no luck -- but with all the weeds, it was kind of difficult. It's hard to cast a lure and bring back three feet of weeds over and over. I think if my mom-in-law will watch the little guy Saturday, we will try Nimisila and hope for the best.

    Thanks again for all your ideas and advice! Fisherfolk are the best folks I know.
  11. Me and my brother took my girlfriends younger brother out fishing for his first time at portage lakes sunday.

    I couldn't agree more with what was said above. We picked up some grub worms and crawlers and just set up all of our lines with small hooks and bobbers. Gave him a few practice casts without hooks and he picked up REAL quick. Taught him how to bait the hook and that boy took over!!! He caught a gill on his first cast. We played around with worms and pulled in a few little bass. Sure all the fish were smaller and only a few were keepers but we were catching fish! When it started getting dark and we headed in he was asking when the next trip was going to be :)
  12. Nothing beats a size 6 or 8 hook, a small bobber, and some worms, waxers, or maggots. If there are panfish out there he will catch them til he is tired. You can never go wrong with live bait, whether its for panfish, bass, cats, etc. I used to fish live bait for everything and have gotten away from it over the years. I should go back to it more often because it was alot more relaxing and ya never knew what would come along and smack your bait.

  13. Sooo true. We hit Nimisila last night with some maggots, bobbers, and little hooks. Had a great time. To top the night off, my guy got goofy and tossed his one popper out a little further from the shore. On the fourth or fifth cast, he got hit by something pretty big (from the splash) - but since he forgot to change the drag on the reel, the fish was gone in no time. The adrenaline rush was pretty amazing, though.