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Getting closer.

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Stampede, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Even tho I didn’t catch a dang thing that day. I’ll never forget my first taste of November ice fishing! Fishing on maybe 2.5” of ice in no more than 3ft of gin clear water choked with weeds it was glorious! I can still see you sitting there with your cigar happy as ever. Good times!

  2. im all ready exept I need to get my auger blades sharpend, anyone know a place in the akron area that does it?
  3. mogadore bait & tackle
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  4. thanks john, I have two sets that are kinda dull and I cant see buying another set. maybe they can fix me up....... come on ice

  5. New season of in depth outdoors ice fishin, best show on ice fishing. Based in MN I believe
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  6. I am also a bug fan of uncut angling, but he doesn't post too much, but highly recommend watching it
  7. Just an FYI on getting auger blades sharpened at Moggy Bait. They are ready to start as soon as they have a few more to sharpen. They said they should have new blades in next week.
  8. That guy is a character, fun to watch.
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