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  1. Im new to bow Hunting this year. I just got my new bow and began shooting it about two weeks ago. For some reason in the past day or so im getting clipoed by the string on my chest. I got a good sized welt from it. I cant figure out how to stop it from happening.
  2. If your string is welting your arm or chest I would bet that the string streched and it is now to long for your draw length.

  3. The string is new. The thing is this bow isent new and my friend who had it has it adjusted to 30 inch pullback. I was gonna get it adjusted but it is an fixed adjustment
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    My advice would be to take the bow to a good bow shop with a knowledgable staff, and have them measure your draw length and adjust your bow to fit you. Also might not be a bad idea to have them watch you shoot a few times if they have a range, and let them diagnose the problem if it persists.
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    r u holding your bow with your left hand and drawing with your right? if so make sure your left arm (elbow) is not locked keep it just a touch bent. if your drawing with left just dont lock your right. try this it may work for you.
  6. Very good chance that the bow simply doesn't fit you, causing poor form. Unless your quite tall with long arms, a 30" draw is too long. Check with a dealer and see if there are cam modules you can buy to reduce the draw length (after you have them measure it for you). If not, you need to get a different bow.
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    Also try opening up your stance a little bit. This also helps against string slap.
  8. I agree w/ Magnis...draw too long. Try a pro-shop they may be able to shorten for you. Good Luck
  9. Thanks for all of the help guys. I tried opening my stance, THAT helped A LOT. I seem to be workin out my buggs!%
  10. I also agree with the other comments on draw length perhaps being too long. A 30" draw would typically be for over 6' tall at least by my guess. I am 5'9" and I shoot at 28". I can shoot at a longer length but it would cause me to shoot too much across my body and make for poor form. Most bows have some adjustment to them either with slots in the cam or modules to swap out. A pro shop can answer that question in a snap. It would be well worth your trip.