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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by BassBlaster, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Bowseason opens in a little more than two months. I always get excited this time of year. Gettin the bow tuned up. Gettin myself tuned up. I even got permission to hunt two farms this year, which I havn't done in the past. I've always hunted public land. I'm gonna get my first bow kill this season, I can really feel it. Any one else gettin the itch?
  2. I have only been shooting for 2 days myself. but I can tell you I feel it took. I am already "scouting" Akron, Ohio hunting areas. I move in less then 1.5 weeks. The first week I plan to get private land permission and just steady my shot. It's gonna be awesome!

  3. man...i'm still pumped from last year :D
    all my buddies tell me im nutz....CCOOOMMEEE OOONNN SEEPPPTTTEEMMMBBEERR 29!!!!!!!!!
  4. I am moving to Akron with my girlfriend. i told her how excited I am for deer Season. How I have a little over 2mths to hone my shot. she's like, "When are you goin to find time to do all this?". She wasn't trying to be mean but it's like, " I will make time sweety...I will find a way"
  5. Same here, I'm ready for some cooler weather and planning my hunts.
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    I cant wait either im putin some stands up this weekend and startin to shoot the bow. I can already picture sitin in the stand with some nice cold weather and that big boy walkin out.
  7. I can't wait. Tomorrow morning, I'm heading out to my buddies property in Licking County to get the hunting property ready. We'll get some shooting lanes cut out and maybe put up a stand or two. By the way, my birthday is September 29, so a great b-day present would be a nice wall hanger on the first day.

  8. Fishstix, my b-day is Sep, 29 also. I hope we both get a nice gift with horns that weekend!!!
  9. its getting to be prep time, this weekend im gonna start grooming my paths and repairing my stands , and see what my 4 legged hoofed friends have been up to, hopefully growing into a trophy,

    come on crisp fall air put me back in my tree stand:!
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    We started getting ready the 1 st weekend in June! Still feel like I'm being rushed and running out of time:mad: . Been shooting the 2 bows for a month now though.
  11. ya i know im getting a late start but fishing keeps me busy. plus explaining to the wife why i get up so early on the weekend to fish lol
  12. Still waiting for my new bow to arrive:( It hasn't been that long, but I'm antsy as all get out. I've got everything prepared but the darn bow!
  13. yes i am i want to kill one so bad for my grandpaw (
    R.I.P) that past away recently he always took me deer hunting and when i get one this year it will be in his memory
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    I'm going to go check out some spots this weekend, but I've got a honey hole that I'm going to be in on the opener where I see deer everytime I'm there, and hopefully it'll be the buck that busted me last year.:D As far as shooting, I never stop, so I just need to switch one of the bows over to broadheads and I'm good to go.!%