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  1. Hey guys, when i was at the Deer/Turkey Expo last week i talked to the DNR about boat inspections, they gave me a handout with the dates. Thought i would let everybody know where and when they can get there boats inspected before the tourny's start.

    March 29th: 1p-3p Buckeye Lake Liebs Island
    1p-3p Alum Creek- Cheshire Ramp

    March 30th: 1p-3p Buckeye Lake Liebs Island
    1p-3p Alum Creek- Hollenback Ramp

    They have some other dates in May. Lets try to get our boats checked out and get a sticker so it is smooth sailing the rest of the season.
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    ? Ive never heard of this before. Sorry bought my 1st boat last year. Is this a state mandated thing? When I got my title transfered they never mentioned it. I am yet to renew my sticker for this year does this mean I will need to have it inspected before I do? Or is this something like they do random inspections and if you have the sticker they dont check you twice?
    Thanks for any advice. Also if it matters I only run a 14ft aluminum fishing boat, do they want those inspected or is it bass boats and pleasure boats only?

  3. The inspections are courtesy inspections and may help you avoid an inspection on the water. You are not required to have an inspection but the DNR/Coast Gaurd can stop you at any time to do an inspection. If you have the chance get a courtesy inspection from the DNR or the Coast Guard Aux the sticker may save you 10 mineuts on the water or even save your life.
  4. Is there any dates for them to be at portage lakes. I know last year they did an inspection day. Two years ago was the first time I ever got or heard of getting inspected. I was at portage and they were checking everyone before you could even get on the water. They were waiting at the ramp. What made me mad was I cleared the inspection I put the sticker on my windshield since I didnt want it on my boat and wouldnt you know it a half hour later I was randomly stopped and inspected on the water. I told them I just went through it at the ramp and showed them the paper work and the sticker and they said they could do it regardless. I wasnt to happy about that. Its one thing to get your stuff out on shore but anoter when you have stuff packed away to get it out on the water. I do have to say though I have been pulled over a few times and they have always let me off but boy watch yourself when going to and from the ramp in the park cause god do they patrol that now. I have never seen it like this till last year.
  5. I don't know what the dates are for portage lakes, this paper only mentioned central ohio. I know that if you get checked before you put on the water, if you are missing anything, it gives you a chance to get it before you go out so it saves you quite a bit of money, plus maybe your life. Last year when i got checked at the ramp it only took like 5 minutes then i was on my way. Like you said it's just a courtousy inspection at the ramp but if you are on the water you don't have a choice. They told me that if i displayed my sticker on my boat that i would not have to go through another inspection unless they stopped me for breaking the law. The way i look at it is it's better to be safe than sorry!
  6. Is anybody planning on heading over to get a safety equipment inspection? I hear it is suppose to be pretty nice, a little chilly but sunny, on saturday. Might go out to hit some eyes on alum. Was out on wed. afternoon and caught 3 ranging from 16-19 1/2 and 5 under 14. I think that sun kinda kicked them into gear.
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    If you are a new boat owner, I highly recommend the inspections!