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Get the lead out.....Maumee

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by j_blocker1, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. I've been fishing slinkies the last few trips i've made east, they seem to be near unsnaggable for me atleast. Based on the popularity of the carolina rig, these could just as easily replace the lead weights alot of guys are using. TRy them out you won't be dissapointed. They're cheap and easy to make. I filled my first couple of hundred with steel bb's, gonna get some steel shot from cabelas.

    Check out the link for insturctions

  2. tpet96

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    Not a bad tip J. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Have you tried them in a river? I'm just wondering how they would feel. You still get the normal tick feeling out of them or is it a lot more subtle feel?
  4. Worked out well for me in the vermilion river, caught fish.

    I'd like to get alot of people to try it, hopefully it takes hold.

  5. Often times you get snagged up by wads of line that form, not necessarily the rocks. I'm not so sure that a slinky is going to make it through that any better. Also, when you fished the Vermillion was the the current even closely comparable to that of the Maumee?

  6. I have been thiking about trying them with the flyrod and nymphs for a couple years now but never got around to it. Were you flyrodding or spinning? Flies or bait? How did you rig it?
  7. Norm,

    with respect to current, I'm not sure i follow you. When you fish faster water you just use more weight. Places the current was as fast in the V as i fish in the maumee i used larger slinkies. I'm willing to try anything, (i mean ANYTHING Norm :) ) to get less snags than what everyone does in the maumee, slinkies can't be any worse than lead weights.


    I was fishing a long rod with spinning reel, fished flies and bait. Rigged slinky with connected with swivel to main line above swivel. From swivel to lure i left 3 feet. Swivel allows for easy change of weights, it can be taken out of use by burning a hole in the slinky for a more permanent rig.

  8. What is a slinky? Last 2 years I been using the floating jigs and CATCHING 50% more fish legally. Cant wait !!
  9. please excuse my ignorance , but I have never fished the maumee for walleye I just moved back to ohio and really love walleye and saugeye and would like a little advice on where to go and the best tackle to use, I know no one likes to give up their secrets but a little advice would be helpful and appreciated. thanks jmw111
  10. Welcome aboard the OGF site.What part of the state are you from ,that may help out with the info you are looking for.If your looking at the maumee you can try the Bluegrass island area and try carolina rigging a floating jig head.Erie? Try the Lake Erie forum for more can also get daily water conditions and info on the river at either way let us know how you do and good luck.Also if your interested myself and a couple other members will be there on sunday if you want to go let me know and we`ll work out a meeting place and time.

    If you live around the grand lake st.marys/indian lake/lake loramie area these are afew good places to pick up saugeye.

  11. I have been making those for years, just like the directions say, and use them for steelhead fishing in Michigan. They work great! I drift spawn or glow bugs using a 9' noodle rod. The rivers that I fish are very fast rivers and lots of current and rocky bottom and they work very well. I make all different sizes since you make them yourself you can add as much or as little weight as you want.
  12. Where can you buy the parachute cord at that you use?? Thanks
  13. I think you should be able to get it at the hardware store or I think I have even seen it at Wal Mart in the camping section.