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Get the broom out!!!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by young-gun21, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Great post season run by the Cavs...just ran into a brick wall.

    Parker played like the best point guard on the planet...and Ginobilli is soooo clutch!

    GO SPURS!!
  2. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    WE ARE THE prediction was wrong...i said spurs in 5 who knew?

  3. I really would have liked the Cavs to put up a better fight but I can say that the Spurs are a very worthy champion. Quite honestly if it were not the Cavs playing against them I probably would have been rooting for the Spurs in the title game against anyone else. They are a class act with a ton of talented players.

    Congratulations Spurs!
  4. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    They'll get better but they need to unload most of that weight on the bench and replace them with much more contributing players. When you have guys who rotate dressing for games and none are hurt, you need an upgrade. Not being mean or disrespectful, but guys like Wesley, Pollard, Newble, Jones, and Marshall, dont contribute enough to hold a spot. If the Cavs dont make some free agant moves to upgrade their bench, they're going nowhere. Brown needs to show why he's worth being a #1 choice too.
    Barry, from ESPN, said the Cavs didn't deserve to even be there, but i totally disagree with him. The Cavs got the luck of the draw in the first two rounds, but beating Detroit as they did, gets em there. The Spurs ARE just a far superior team from a better conference and it showed. Congrats to the last team standing. And thinking of standing... do you think the spurs would be there if Horry doesn't hip-check Nash?
  5. I know Parker was a beast but I can't help but imagine what Nash would have done in the finals against that Cavs as well.:rolleyes: Unfortunately the Cavs had no answer for him. They defended Duncan and Ginobli better than I expected but they just could not stay with Parker.

    Chaunc, you are right about the dead weight on the bench. The acquisition of Wesley was the biggest wasted move the Cavs made in last year's off-season. Anyone who did not see a lot of the Cavs in the regular season would not even have a clue that Wesley, Pollard, and Newble were on the roster. They barely saw the court in the post-season. And none of them are young and improving prospects either. If they could find a way to unload some of those players they could free up a great deal of money for players that will contribute. When you look at the players that are contributing versus the rest it is amazing that they were able to do as well as they did. They have more money wrapped up in the bench by far than they do on their top 6-7 players. That is especially if you count Larry Hughes in the non-contributing group which unfortunately was the case throughout the end of the season in particular. And to think they are paying him $13 million a year for what he gives.:rolleyes: I like Snow as an individual but he is pretty limited in what he can do for the team on the court. And to me he is not worth the $6 million he gets. And they got nothing out of Newble's $3MM, Pollard's $2.2MM, Wesley's $1.75MM.I would think if they could get out of some of these contracts they should be able to afford to put another player or two on the court to contribute.
  6. IMHO, for the 1st time in the Championship series, getting swept is a plus for the Cavs. Instead of taking it to 7 games & feeling they could have won if they got a few breaks, they now know (better than before) that they still have a lot of work to do, & they also will be motivated by past embarrassment. They gave us a great season & post season....Thanks to them for that.