Georgian Bay/ Key and pickerel rivers

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    Been going to Canada for yrs but never past the Trent River and Rice lake area. This place was another 4/5 hours North to a side of Canada i have never seen.... Plus another hour long boat ride to camp ..It was either rocks or water with 30ft drop offs...Was a little tense getting to fish spots every morning ..with 30ft drops to being on top of rocks in seconds....
    Fishing was good Took a few days to figure them eyes out but we managed to do just fine.... Simple fishing was the key... Hook/worm or a lindy rig was the ticket... My Biggest was a 28.5 incher (pb)at 8.5lbs...lots of 21inchers..The camp did have some nice 10 pounds come in with the biggest being 11.75 . i was held pike less But everyone else was getting them left and right avg size 30 to 36 Biggest in camp was 44

    New regs this yr at the bay Only a 2 eye limit with NO fish being kept between 16-22 inches and only one fish over 22 being taken out of the county Also a 4 fish limit to take back to the states ...Pike/muskie also had some new regs

    The wild life was also great. Had a Black Bear come in to camp.. Fed a red fox beer battered fish , Tons of water fowl Seen a moose..To bad he was dead on a shore line..Was told he fell though the ice during winter and the bears drag him out now and then to have a snack

    Will try to post some pics later in the week

    As for those rocks. By Thursday we THOUGHT we had them figured out .. Yeah took out my Sag ,prop and bent my shaft ...Thank God i just started to throttle up .. Cut that corner a little to sharp

    you forgot to tell me about that FOG ;) LOL One night we almost had to camp out on a island it was so thick. Got saved by a local who guided us in
  2. Going up to canada myself from june 28th-july 5th in the Georgian Bay as well. We are launching at a city called Killarney and then about a 40 minute boat ride to my neighbors island. What city did you launch out of? Just curious...also looking forward to seeing some of your pics.

  3. Glad you had a safe trip although it sounds like a few tense moments :D – it wouldn’t be a true Canadian experience with one or two. Those drop offs are crazy and your right – they come out of nowhwere. Sorry to hear about the motor. I’ve done that few times myself. I’ve learned over the years to creep along until I become familiar with the waters. But even that doesn’t work sometimes; I too banged up my prop pretty good this last trip. Very beautiful scenery up that highway.

    Sounds like you figured out the walleye and did quite well. Good for you. It’s surprising sometimes how a simple rig is all you need. But we all still go loaded down with gear. An 8.5 is a nice fish. Congrats.

    I’m glad to see you read the regs. They seem to change every years and the MNR was checking at the border on my way home this past Saturday. They searched my boat, truck and coolers.

    Yes, the fog…..its does get thick and quick. I’m sure those cunucks got a chuckle out of it but it sure doesn’t feel funny when your stranded out there and not on top of the food chain:D .

    Looking forward to seeing those pics!
  4. Sounds like a decent fishing trip. Those walleye sizes are large compared to my Canadian experiences.

    I also took off 1/2 of my skeg and mangled a few props over the years while boating around the shoals and boulders in Canadian waters. Make me wonder how I'm going to deal with ir when I get a new rig soon. Go slow, go slow I keep telling myself.
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    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    The big town close by was Britt, But we launched at the intercetion of Highway 69 and the Key river at Camp Dora Sorry don;t recall the name of the town . Nice to have a neighbor with his own island.:) Looking forward to your report. Have fun