geneva perch 9-28

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  1. Went out for quick trip and got 2 man limit of nice perch in just under two hours. Only had to go 1 mile out. 42 feet of water right out in front of marina. Think my west line was 59.5W

    Good luck if anyone gets out in the morning before the wind arrives.

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  2. Nice job. You guys got a bunch of nice looking perch.....

  3. Workdog

    Workdog "One More Time"

    Nice bunch of fish there Ryan. Did you attempt any trolling?
  4. Keith R

    Keith R One On The Turn

    Nice cooler of fish there Ryan.

    Keith R.
  5. no,,, but did get to play with the new Fish Hawk TD. Had it on the Tru Trip 50's....... Pretty sweet tool to tell you the max depth achieved. Looking forward to using it on dipseys and the tru trips at different leads and speeds.
  6. Ryan, Nice looking cooler. Are you fishing any next week? I am hoping it lays down after the major blow that is coming.
  7. hope to try to fish a day or two if the lake and weather shapes up
  8. 2CatchEyes

    2CatchEyes Lund 2075 Tyee

    You told me you only fished for WALLEYE!