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  1. going out of business sale starts thursday. not much fishing stuff but lots of camping, hiking, carhart,camo,army surplus,clothes,knives boots,canoes,kayaks,,. i am glad i get paid this week.
  2. thanks for the info! i was just down there tuesday and bought a Machette, if i had known this i would have waited. time to stock up on military camo!

  3. Looks like im gona get some new camo.
  4. went down there before work last night. most everything in the store is only 20% off. i was expecting 50-70%. maybe in a few weeks;) . needless to say i bought nothing. my god man, no wonder they are going out, talk about sticker shock!
  5. Yeah same here. After looking at the prices i can see why they are going out of buisness. There prices are so out there its unreal. They didnt have much in the place either. I found it interesting they were selling a pair of gloves for 50 bucks. Who in the world would pay that?
  6. Me and the wife went down there tonight and spent about 200 bucks, she got a pair of Keen River Sandels, her rare size and favorite color along with 8 pr of smartwool hiking socks ( both items never go on sale) so at 20% made them a good deal. Best snag of the night was Midland handheld weather radio, stickered at $59 but there was no box or instructions so they said 30$ and I countered with $15 and they took it! Perfect for the new boat. I also picked up an Indiana Gazeteer and the wife got some decent sunglasses which were 50% off. If you look, there are some decent deals. Place was packed tonight though.... Oh and yeah, its all pricey stuff but companies like the North Face, Marmot, Eureeka,Vasque, Keen, Chaco, Columbia and the sort have strict rules about pricing so short of things liek going out of business sales, they are hardly ever on sale and pricing is the same across the board so they really are no higher on most of that top line stuff.

  7. was gonna get some carhart but the cover alls was still 60.00.
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    It kills me man. I know some of that high end name brand stuff is good, but it is REALLY that much better? Come on, this is Dayton, OH, not some rich town in the Swiss Alps or some ritzy sking town in Colorado.

    To answer your question though: Who would pay that kind of price? Obviously not many, which is why they are goin out of business.:eek:
  9. I dont understand why they carried such top end brands at top end prices. This area is mainly the average individual. For a store like that they sould have gon to Oakwood. They may have made it in muffy and buffy rich end of town. What do you guys think about the prices at Fishermans Quarters?
  10. "GS outfitters" started catering to the people who jumped on the "outdoors" fad and all the "trendy" outdoor marketing. now that the "fad" is starting to fade and its reflecting in their sales. the fact that the middle class has taken such an economic blow doesnt help things either. those of us who have always been outdoors know you dont need all the trendy high dollar gloves, hats, clothes, etc to "do" the outdoors. if GS would have not burned the bridge with the common man they might have been ok. as far as Fishermans, yes they do have a few pricey things but they have very good prices overall and have stuff not only for the big money spenders but for the average joe as well. no they arent going to beat wally world in the price war on some things but they carry better stuff and a better selection.
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    Yeap, good old "General Surplus" went away and in came "GS Outfitters". :eek:

    As far as Fisherman Qts go, they've been around forever and hopefully always be there. I was upset with they way they put several rod tips on this year, but I got over it. I'll still go there if I need something, I'll just remember to not have my rods worked on there anymore. ;)
  12. What kind of rod work did they do and what was the problems that you had, I have one that needs a new tip.
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    :p I took several rods in that had aluminum guides and I dont like them becasue the line can cause grooves in them, so i wanted reg fuji guides w/ inserts. My rods came back fixed, but they all looked horrible. I mean horrible. Did I say horrible? I even told them that I didnt mind spending more $, to make sure the rods look good. I like my rods to look good. These looked horrible. Did I mention how horrible they looked? :eek:
  14. You mind taking me flathead fishing once. Ive got a good setup for big cats just dont know where to go or how to catch em that big.