geauga lake park is closing

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by freyedknot, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. freyedknot

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    just heard on ch 5 the park is closing, and only the water park will stay open. now what ? houses on the lake? sure would like to fish that lake.
  2. 2talltim

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    wonder if they are going to move some rides over to cedar point they are owned by the same company

  3. I worked there all summer and didnt even hear anything like that. But I did hear a roumor that Sea world bought it back from them
  4. Toxic

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    Another black eye and lost jobs for Ohioans. It was only 45+ minutes from my house. I can remember all the good time we had there as I was growing up. It will be sadly missed. :mad:
  5. steelmagoo

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    Good ol' Geauga Dog. Seeya later, boy.

    One ride I'm not sorry to see go is that damn Raging Wolf Bob coaster. I love old wooden coasters, but that thing was rough. Always gave me black and blue knees and whiplash.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I have heard it will have $750,000 homes placed on it with lakefront priviledges.

  7. In the paper it said the rides will be divided up amongst the other Cedar owned properties - some here, some in CA and somewhere else.

    Anybody else hear that Sea World bought it back - as the person above mentioned?? that would be AWESOME if sea world came back! I used to LOVE going up there and it would be great if I could take my kids there!

    Matter of fact, my wife and I are taking the kids to Daytona in Feb/march and staying with my g-parents and we're going to take a day and hit the Sea World in Orlando! That's one of the main reasons we're heading down there!!!!
  8. sad to see it go but ever since six flags bought out the parks it hasn't been the same. It will be a huge lost for the hotels in the area. I bet fishing in that lake would be sweet as there are some huge carp in there.
  9. harle96

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    Great maybe they can move the wave pool for the 8th time in 20 years:)

    Grew up at GL. Lots of memeories, that's too bad.

    Now I feel like my Dad talking bout Euclid Beach, Puritas Park and Chippewa Lake Park...Arrrgghh...I'm getting old......
  10. creekcrawler

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    My folks met at the Geauga Lake Roller Rink/Ballroom!
    That was around 1934!
    Haven't been there in years, and me and the girl were going to go there
    next week! @$$&)#&*!!!

    The fishing there is great. Big gills, big bass.
    Used to be a blast -fish by the riverboats and listen to New Orleans jazz,
    fish by cartoon town and see all the wobbly Bugs Bunny houses, fish by
    the walkway across the lake and have Asian tourists snap your picture like you were part of the attractions. Man I miss fishin that lake. Here's the clue - find
    somebody that lives in one of those little old vacation cottages across the street. Their title gives them lake access. Wish my buddy didn't move! :(