Geauga Co. Fair

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  1. I'll be there Saturday volunteering with the Div. of Wildlife in the Natural Resources area... Stop by and say HELLO!
  2. what times will you be there I would like to meet you

  3. I was there at the fishing area from 1 til 7 today... Baited hooks, removed fish from hooks, took some pictures, and had a GREAT time doing it!

    LOTS of fish caught... Even a few Fish Ohio's!!! The lil' bait stealers ate well today too!!! Man, there are some MONSTER catfish in those pens... 10 to 12 pounders, if you can get them to bite!

    It was an absolute BALL watching all those kids catch fish... The excitement on their faces, even if the fish was small, they were still happy. Hopefully, we built a few memories today!

    Thanks to the Division of Wildlife for the opportunity to help out. They sure work hard making it fun and passing it on. Reno, you are the MAN!

    I highly suggest you check out the Geauga Fair... They even had racoon hound water races! SWEET! Geauga Bowmen had demos, TONS of outdoors related activities... It was a great time.

    I'll post the pics shortly....:D
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    Just a few... LOVE the smiles!!!
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    Monster gill!!! Fish Ohio FOR SURE!!!
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    It's all about the kids!!! Gotta love it!
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    The retriever demos were great! Those dogs are well trained and REALLY love the water!
  8. Great Pic's Carl, If you make it down to the fair again this weekend.
    stop at the Archery range and say Hello! Mike
  9. nic pics. the fair is 3 minutes down the road from me. the only bad thing is the traffic and at night just about every car has there bright lights on. "OO! look were out in the country lets turn on our brights." lol :D too bad they never turn them off. buy the time i got home i was seeing spots. lol.